Strimko: A New Game for Kindle

strimkoI am astounded at how quickly the game industry for the Kindle has really taken off over the last few months.  It is fun to see what create ideas different companies come up with. Braintonik, a Canadian casual gaming company recently introduced a new game for the Kindle called Strimko.

Strimko is a Sudoku type game where the player tries to insert numbers in rows and columns without repeating the number. The player also creates “streams” which crisscross across the grid.  So, not only do you have to try to get different numbers on the rows and columns, but you have to make sure they are different diagonally as well.

There are four difficulty levels.  Instead of the same nine by nine grid in Sudoku, you’ll get a larger grid for each level of difficulty in Strimko.  The easy level contains a 4 x 4 grid, while the master level consists of a 7 x 7 grid.  Each level contains 30 puzzles.  This ought to keep you busy for awhile especially considering the game only costs about 3 bucks.

Strimko was just released on March 22, so there aren’t any reviews yet.  I’m eager to see what Kindle 3 users think of this game and the graphics.  I also am curious to know what users think of it compared to Sudoku.