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April 2011
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KleverCase for Kindle 3

kindle coverOne of the reservations about getting a Kindle is that it doesn’t have the look and feel of a book.  The opposing argument is that once you get engrossed in reading, you’ll forget what you are reading with.

Manor Bindery, a small family business based in the UK has created some beautiful cases for the Kindle 3 called KleverCases.  These cases are created to maintain the “look and feel” of old books.  I love the flower covers.  There are many classical designs made to order, and a great variety of colors to choose from.

Mason Bindery’s eBay shop has received 100% positive reviews for high quality service and products.  What a neat way to integrate new technologies while still maintaining the integrity of the old familiar books.



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  • Howard DeVoe

    Another excellent choice for a Kindle cover is one of those from Oberon Design (www.oberondesign.com/Kindle.php). These are beautiful and very rugged covers made from tooled bull hide. I myself have the “Tree of Life” cover in the saddle color, and it certainly has the look and feel of an old book cover. The company is is Santa Rosa, California and from all I have read about it the customer service is superb.

    I have no connection with Oberon Designs other than being a satisfied customer.

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