Kindle 3 Lighted Covers

I went camping this past weekend, and wanted to take my Kindle, but camping is pretty rough on technology.  However, there is a solution for that dilemma.

Kindle Lighted Covers are really tough and made of leather, which is just right for the outdoors.  The best part?  It also includes a built in light.  You have a pretty good variety of colors to choose from as well.  I love the blue and lime green.  The light automatically turns on when it is pull out, and turns off when you tuck it back into its place in the case.  The light gets its power from the Kindle itself via the Kindle Lighted Cover’s high tech hinge system.

Reviews overall are great, most are 4 stars and above.

Roxanne Mchenry

“Pluses: Built in light that slips securely out of the way, no batteries to replace, better clips/fit than past covers that connect to Kindle, adequate to light the entire screen, no looking for a booklight, no clipping a booklight to my Kindle and scratching or damaging it, the book light LEDs point down towards the screen, so no bright lights in your eyes.

Minuses: The cover’s weight doubles the weight of the Kindle 3 in your hand, the book light stays in one corner and doesn’t move around the Kindle, uses more Kindle battery life (it’s powered by the Kindle 3 — and I noticed a definite drain on the battery from using the light)”


“I had debated about purchasing this item because of the cost which seemed excessive in comparison to the cost of buying a Kindle. However, on the recommendation of a friend, I decided to purchase a cover. The range of colours available was good particularly if the Kindle is accidentally dropped onto a dark surface eg interior of planes. I originally purchased an e-reader as it is such a convenient way of carrying a number of books when I’m travelling on long flights.”

So, unfortunately, the Kindle Lighted Cover only works for the Kindle 3.  But, I think it is a worthwhile investment considering that you would be getting both a light and a cover, without the added cost of purchasing batteries.



2 thoughts on “Kindle 3 Lighted Covers

  1. I have to say, I’ve had the lighted cover since day one. I use a casemate zip up style outer case for the kindle 2, and slip my kindle 3 with the lighted cover in. It fits perfectly.

    The light is extremely useful, even in a lit room it makes reading far easier on the eyes. The leather on the case is tough, attractive, and smells great. It is very flexible and folds back all the way if necessary.

    The hinge and mounting system is simple and Very VERY effective. It holds the kindle solidly with no give and with the flick of one finger you can just as easily release the catch making it a breeze to take on or off at a whim.

    Honestly, its a fantastic case, and it’s low-key so you don’t have to field lots of oooh is that a kindle questions ( unless you want to :)

  2. I use a lighted cover on my Kindle 3. Yes, it was pricey, but it protects the Kindle very nicely when carrying it in a bag, and I can read in bed at night with minimal disturbance to the Significant Other. The leather pebble grain feels quite nice in the hand, and gives you a good grip when carrying the Kindle in the hand. The light is an LED, and while it does of course use some battery power, the drain is minor.

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