Why some Kindle Authors Make Millions and Others Make Nothing!

In case you are lazy and would like to get right to the point, you can click on this link and get the video discussed in this post. Otherwise – keep reading, it’s well worth it.

Ok so maybe you’ve seen the articles on Forbes.com, in the NY Times or The Huffington post about how Kindle authors like Amanda Hocking are literally writing their way to millions of dollars in sales right?

And maybe you’ve heard of other authors who are not making millions, but modestly making thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in Amazon Kindle book sales every month right?

And maybe you’ve even noticed that almost all of these people… The million dollar sellers and those selling thousands monthly are unknown authors and in some cases completely new to writing…. Heck even one of Kindle’s biggest stars Amanda, has admitted in interviews that she is not a professional.

So if most of the big sellers are newbies and/or unknowns how have they been able to achieve the amount of success that they have and so quickly?

Well the answer is pretty simple… In fact so simple that I would even venture to say that almost anyone who followed the proper “system” could sell a lot of books…. And I do mean A Lot!

So by now you’ve probably figured out that having the proper system in place has a lot to do with the amount of success that you have with your book(s) and in turn the amount of visibility you get, the amount of sales you make and ultimately the amount of money you make :-)

Now What?

So we now know that when it comes to selling a good amount of your books, luck has nothing to so with it… Nor do you have to be a professional or seasoned author… In fact you don’t even have to any experience with writing, because having the proper system will do wonders for you.

So what should your book selling “system” consist of?

Well to begin with it should allow you to easily be able to tell;

  • What topics sell like mad
  • How to create titles that attract attention and pull readers in like a magnet
  • How to use Amazon to build a list of “Fans” that will happily buy every single title that you release
  • How adding 1 simple graphic to your book’s cover can double or even triple your sales
  • Secret price points that allow you to sell more books than you may have ever thought  possible

And much more…

Yep that’s the beuty of having a perfect system…

But the downside of systems is having to put one together because it can take time if you have to do it all on your own or worse yet, have no idea how…

But something that I’ve seen recently is a video that shows you how 1 guy has put together a nearly fool proof step-by-step system that allows him to make…

$10,000.00 a month selling his ebooks on Amazon.com’s kindle

And just as with some of the examples that we spoke about above, this guy is;

  • Not a professional writer
  • Not a “well known” name
  • Not super smart
  • And in fact he failed English 101 in school twice… Twice!

Yet he is making over $10,000.00 a month selling his material on Kindle.

How does he do it?

Good question, in fact he has been nice enough to put together an entire step-by-step video that shows you his entire system and allows you to copy what he is doing.

This guy even logs into his Kindle account and shows you proof of how much money he is making and how he got to over $15,000.00 in sales in just 6 – 7 months

I couldn’t believe it at first , but his system really works as you”ll see when you go here to watch the video


Enjoy :)

Happy Earth Day!

eaarthI found a selection of Kindle books that feature green topics such as green living and food and diet that are featured just in time for Earth Day on April 22.  It is good to celebrate Earth Day especially with the trends going towards sustainability and environment issues.

Named one of the best books of April, 2010, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet by Bill McKibben, is an intense look into climate change, and a totally different view of the Earth we’ve always known.

We’ve been hearing how we’re close to the point of no return as far as global warming is concerned, but that there is still time to fix it.  Well, Eaarth says we’ve already passed that point.


“McKibben describes a place so strikingly different from the planet Earth we have always known, that it has to be renamed to “Eaarth.” McKibben’s writing is easy to read and his ideas are clear, but his thesis is overwhelming to any reader: “The earth that we knew–the only earth that we ever knew–is gone.” (pg 25) At times, reading the book is similar to the experience of watching a carwreck – it’s heart-wrenching but you can’t force yourself to look away. ”

After reading the reviews of The Gorgeously Green Diet, it actually makes me want to give it a try.  This book provides easy to read recipes and is written in a style that you can relate to.  Often I pick up “easy” cookbooks only to find that they are still difficult to understand.  This is not the case with Sophie Uliano’s latest cookbook.

“In her relatable, girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, Uliano pledges that anyone can go green and lean, no matter where they live or what resources they have. Uliano recognizes that dieting and going green are big lifestyle changes and makes it easy for readers to commit to both by allowing them to personalize their plans according to their needs. The book has three diet plans-light green, bright green and deep green- that depend on how much time, travel, and money readers want to commit to going green. The three plans promise the same amount of weight loss, but the darker green the plan is, the greater the commitment the reader makes to reducing waste, going organic and staying carbon neutral. ” – Amazon

Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life is written by Ed Begley, someone who has actually put what he’s written into practice for 30 years.  That adds a lot of credibility to what he has to say.  He provides suggests that go from unplugging unnecessary electronics, to purchasing solar panels.  So, you can choose to make small changes or invest in much longer ones.

Well come to think of it, by owning a Kindle, we’re doing our own part to help save trees and reduce paper…