Why some Kindle Authors Make Millions and Others Make Nothing!

In case you are lazy and would like to get right to the point, you can click on this link and get the video discussed in this post. Otherwise – keep reading, it’s well worth it.

Ok so maybe you’ve seen the articles on Forbes.com, in the NY Times or The Huffington post about how Kindle authors like Amanda Hocking are literally writing their way to millions of dollars in sales right?

And maybe you’ve heard of other authors who are not making millions, but modestly making thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in Amazon Kindle book sales every month right?

And maybe you’ve even noticed that almost all of these people… The million dollar sellers and those selling thousands monthly are unknown authors and in some cases completely new to writing…. Heck even one of Kindle’s biggest stars Amanda, has admitted in interviews that she is not a professional.

So if most of the big sellers are newbies and/or unknowns how have they been able to achieve the amount of success that they have and so quickly?

Well the answer is pretty simple… In fact so simple that I would even venture to say that almost anyone who followed the proper “system” could sell a lot of books…. And I do mean A Lot!

So by now you’ve probably figured out that having the proper system in place has a lot to do with the amount of success that you have with your book(s) and in turn the amount of visibility you get, the amount of sales you make and ultimately the amount of money you make :-)

Now What?

So we now know that when it comes to selling a good amount of your books, luck has nothing to so with it… Nor do you have to be a professional or seasoned author… In fact you don’t even have to any experience with writing, because having the proper system will do wonders for you.

So what should your book selling “system” consist of?

Well to begin with it should allow you to easily be able to tell;

  • What topics sell like mad
  • How to create titles that attract attention and pull readers in like a magnet
  • How to use Amazon to build a list of “Fans” that will happily buy every single title that you release
  • How adding 1 simple graphic to your book’s cover can double or even triple your sales
  • Secret price points that allow you to sell more books than you may have ever thought  possible

And much more…

Yep that’s the beuty of having a perfect system…

But the downside of systems is having to put one together because it can take time if you have to do it all on your own or worse yet, have no idea how…

But something that I’ve seen recently is a video that shows you how 1 guy has put together a nearly fool proof step-by-step system that allows him to make…

$10,000.00 a month selling his ebooks on Amazon.com’s kindle

And just as with some of the examples that we spoke about above, this guy is;

  • Not a professional writer
  • Not a “well known” name
  • Not super smart
  • And in fact he failed English 101 in school twice… Twice!

Yet he is making over $10,000.00 a month selling his material on Kindle.

How does he do it?

Good question, in fact he has been nice enough to put together an entire step-by-step video that shows you his entire system and allows you to copy what he is doing.

This guy even logs into his Kindle account and shows you proof of how much money he is making and how he got to over $15,000.00 in sales in just 6 – 7 months

I couldn’t believe it at first , but his system really works as you”ll see when you go here to watch the video


Enjoy :)

17 thoughts on “Why some Kindle Authors Make Millions and Others Make Nothing!

  1. He makes this money by selling your email address and giving you hope that you will make this money but this is the same site as those that promise 10,000 a month if you blog. I tried it and I barely make 100 a month.

  2. Not sure how much you get paid for this, but it’s going to make you lose readers. Hope it’s worth it. :(

  3. Good bye to this blog. You want me to give my email addy to watch some video from a snake oil salesman? Are you that gullible or are you getting a cut from the email harvester you are pushing?

  4. I know that some of your blog readers are closed minded, so this post may not make a difference. I have never purchased this guy’s or girl’s information, but I do know that it’s possible to earn that type of money from kindle.

    I am one who does pretty well. :)

    Judging from the video, that’s on the site after clicking on it, the guy or girl knows a little about kindle. There is even proof.

    But, like I said, this will not make a difference to the close minded.

    Thanks for this blog post. It let’s the people with open brains realize the possibilities.

    Von J.

  5. Von,

    As you can see I don’t moderate comments of my guests and posts written by the writers.

    However let’s not make allegations about other’s minds in the future. Ok?

  6. Why would you guys think that this is a get rich scam? I watched the video and all he is showing you is that in order to make more money with Amazon you have to write more titles, more often. So if you have 1 title that makes you $200.00 a month why not write another and another, etc sort of like a series. I see the same advice offered by very reputable authors on other sites, including amazon’s own kindle community dtp.amazon.com makes a lot of sense to me

  7. Not a get rich quick scam? Seriously? The whole webinar is geared to selling you the guy’s $1000 course on how to make money from Kindle publishing. The site sets off just about every scam warning there is. The webinar itself contains very little information in more than two hours of sales drivel. It’s a rip-off, and the only person getting rich from it is the guy selling the course.

  8. I was expecting way more from that video… The first 30 minutes are just filler, talking about how much money they make and showing us checks that are obviously false (the noise on the image doesn’t change, two are in the exact same position, the signature is identical, etc.). Then there’s a sort of okay bit about making money but it’s really not at all in depth and it’s certainly not for writers. I also disliked the fact that him checking his amazon earnings online was just an edited quicktime video so basically the “earnings” could be anything. Not to mention the crap about getting his wife a Mercedes for Christmas, I mean come on, how stupid do you think we are?

    I really like this blog and most the content on here is high quality but making me waste a couple of hours on a clown who just tries to lie to me about the success he’s having? I honestly find that offensive. No respect for my time.

    And why not just post the main ideas of the video in this article? They’re close to three in total and can be easily summarized in a few paragraphs.

  9. Quote Andrei Pushkin:

    “As you can see I don’t moderate comments of my guests and posts written by the writers.”

    Since this is evidently no longer true, would you be kind enough to retract this statement. Thanks.

  10. Here’s my two cents. I’ve marketed and sold products all over the globe. I see comments like this on forums all the time.

    There was a time when I couldn’t rub two nickels together. Now I can do whatever I want.

    I’ll tell you what was the biggest difference for me and how I turned things around.

    Before I used to pass judgement, then evaluate.

    Now I evaluate then pass judgement.

    That little shift made the biggest difference in the world.

    I really don’t know if anything is good before I check it out for myself.

    So it would be nice if someone who’s gone through the program can give an honest review and let the rest of us know. Bashing something with no supporting backup is not productive and a waste of time.

    Anyway that’s my two cents

  11. I think it’s rather telling that a Google search shows so little for the “Kindle Cash Flow System”. Searching for the website just results in lots of cross-linked sites that appear to be attempts at SEO. The reviews of Ty Cohen’s other work on Amazon.com are very revealing. Take a look at the 1-star and 2-star reviews.

    I would dearly love to see an impartial review of this particular ‘course’. Given how fantastic it must be based on the marketing hyperbole, I fully expect reviews to start appearing in the mainstream media any day now…

  12. I am a freelance for nearly half a year, I want to try oDest.I used to be a soft developer, don’t know if I could handle this type of service.Hope you can share something more

  13. I’m going to send this article to my mom. She’s quitting her job at the end of November because she hates the commute. She’s been complaining to me that she doesn’t know how they will make end meet with just my dad’s income. I already work from home as an Internet Marketer and I could teach her but I don’t think she’d be very good at it. She can definitely come up with a few gigs for Fivver and Elance.

  14. It is possible to make money online using free bloggs like blogger, but you need to spend at least some money if you want to make descent money. There is no way to make a nice income without spending a dime.

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