Charles Martin Kindle Books

I just wanted to mention one of my all time favorite authors: Charles Martin.  He has written seven books, all available on the Kindle.  I’ve been reading his books since he just got started.  His books have grown greatly in popularity since then.

He’s been compared to Nicholas Sparks, even he mentioned that once, but his books have a backstory element that Sparks’ books do not have.  My favorites are When Crickets Cry and Chasing Fireflies.

Martin’s latest, The Mountain Between Us is the story of two people who survive a plane crash, and spend time defeating the odds of surviving the brutal forces of nature in the middle of nowhere.  I can only imagine the kind of bond that Ben and Ashley form during this ordeal.  It is a good thing that Ben happens to be an orthopedic surgeon, and can treat some very serious wounds in the process.

I love Martin’s easygoing writing style.  You really feel like you get to know the characters better that way.  I also love how he slowly unwraps the elements of their lives as the stories progress.  I got the pleasure of meeting him when he did a reading of his book, Where the River Ends, in Blowing Rock, NC.  He is very friendly and personable.  That goes a long way when an author actually interacts with their readers.  It makes the readers want to read their books that much more.

Keiki Hendrix

“All of Charles Martin’s book carry a certain unique quality; rich insights into personalities and characteristics, beautiful scenery and landscapes, and a moving and inspiring messages.”


“WOW! Charles Martin has done it again! What a story! Have your tissues ready for this one. I loved how you were kept in suspense until the very end when everything was revealed. This book is beautifully written and the story is amazingly constructed to build you to an outstanding ending! A great story of love and devotion.”