Kindle Notepad

notepadNow your Kindle can be used as a Notepad.  You can write grocery lists, to do lists, or anything you wish on your Kindle.  The great part is that it is portable, and cheap.  Cheaper than paper, and more environmentally friendly than paper.  Ever lost a grocery list?  The only way you can lose Notepad is to lose your Kindle.


You can view your notes from two different font types, and choose from 6 different font sizes.

Searching your notes

The handy part of Notepad is that you can search your notes.  This is helpful, and prevents a lot of unnecessary shifting around.  Sort the notes alphabetically, or by entry date.

How to write your notes

Just use your Kindle keyboard to type your notes.



“Earlier, I had bought an app for the same porpose and have been wishing to replace it ever since. This app is extremely intuitive, fast, and useful. The main use for me is a planner, but it could be used for writing documents, like Word, and even spreadsdheets when you format | and _ into the document. This is a great app.”

C. Miller

“Notepad goes well beyond the functionality of a memo pad. So far, I have used it as a shopping-list organizer, recipe note card, phone and address book, reminder keeper and appointment book. I can note debit card purchases for entry later so that I don’t have to carry many things with me. Recently, I was in a warehouse store and wandered into the book section. I was able to make notes on several new releases I’d not noticed in the Kindle store. I can even use it as a time card for when I’m working at home.”

A. Murray

“I love this app. I recently lost my hand written notes about the order of all of my series I have on kindle. I became frustrated having to look the order up online and jot it down again. Now I have handy little notes that I quickly refer to before taking on a new series, or a favorite that I just can’t remember the order of the titles. At the price, it’s a steal and I’m very happy with the purchase.”

Note: just be careful with the sensitivity of what you put on there.  Another reviewer made a good point about not putting passwords on Notepad because of the chance your Kindle might get stolen.