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bossypantsI fondly remember the SNL episodes with Tina Fey on Weekend Update and as Sarah Palin.  It is uncanny how much they look alike.  I love her ability to take life’s busyness with humor and wit.

Fey has a bestselling book called Bossypants available on the Kindle that has awesome reviews.  It covers her family life and experiences on SNL, 30 Rock and other comedy appearances.

I cracked up at the “Praises for Tina Fey” section on the Bossypants product page, especially the “quote” from Mark Twain: “Do not print this glowing recommendation of Tina Fey’s book until I’ve been dead a hundred years.”

Alan Mazer

“It seemed a little uneven starting out, but quickly transitioned into some very interesting pieces about her early jobs, her work with Second City, and then her transition into writing for SNL and her eventual creation of 30 Rock. Interspersed are stories about growing up and dating, her eventual marriage, and her struggles to balance work and family life, as well as some candid advice for other women on how to make it in a male-dominated industry.”

Meghan C. Wilker

” It’s (unexpectedly) full of really good advice about how to be a good boss. I mean, maybe I should have gleaned that from the title but I expected it to be more of a comedic autobiography than a sincere look at how to effectively manage people. And she’s got some really great thoughts in this book about how to be a leader.

– Where books by other comedians are pretty much only for laughs (see: Chelsea Handler), this book also contains some social critique. And, not in a preachy way – in a very funny way. But Fey raises some excellent questions about how women treat each other, being a working mom, dealing with institutionalized sexism, and other hilarious topics!”


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