Dots and Boxes for Kindle

dots and boxesDots and Boxes is the latest free game in the Kindle game collection.  Sounds like a great long car ride or doctor’s waiting room game.

How to Play

You are basically racing against either the Kindle, or another player in pass n’play mode.  You start with a 5 X 5 grid of dots.  You connect the dots horizontally and vertically to make a box.  The person who creates the most boxes in the grid wins.

As with most other Kindle games, Dots and Boxes comes with an easy, medium, and hard level.

Dots and Boxes comes with helpful hints and instructions to guide you during the game.  You can also track your standings for each difficulty level.

Michael P. Gallagher

“If you’re looking for a quick “get away” game for your Kindle, you’re probably going to like this and the price (free) is certainly worth it. Go ahead and pick it up and give it a try!”


“I feel that this game makes very good use of the controls on the Kindle. It uses the five-point cursor in order for the player to select a slot to place a line. First, you use the five-way controller to select the “box” you want to place a stick, then you select whether you want to place the “stick” on the north, south, east, or west part. Due to the comfortable interface, it makes the game fun and easy to play.”

So, a great deal, and a good quality game that is free.  You can’t go wrong with free.

2 thoughts on “Dots and Boxes for Kindle

  1. Kindle is an ebook reader, putting games and all that other rubbish on there will eventually change to an Ipad

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