Waterproof Case Option for Kindle

With the summer coming up, lots of people are heading to the pool and the beach.  So, it is probably a good idea to find a reasonably priced case for your Kindle that can keep it safe and dry.  Until I found out about this case, I was really afraid to take my Kindle on the beach, for fear of sand damage.

The WaterGuard case slips snugly around your Kindle 1,2, or 3, and provides flexibility that allows you to still use the Kindle page turner buttons and the keyboard with ease.  I really like that it can be used across generations.  That way it can be used whenever you decide to upgrade.

There is also a WaterGuard case designed for the Kindle DX as well.  Both cases are inexpensive in terms of Kindle cases, and run between 15 and 20 dollars.  Plus, as many reviewers say, these cases are functional.  They do their jobs well.

You can also wear it with an adjustable strap.  The case comes with a a good selection of colorful borders, including blue, purple and red.


“I did the “paper towel test” (put a dry paper towel in the bag, seal it, then submerse the bag in water). Dry paper towel, so the watertightness seems very good.

On vacation, I abused it pretty heavily- sand, wind, water, and my Kindle stayed dry and happy. There was a slight glare/shadow in very direct sun, but just changing the angle at which I held the Kindle resolved that.”


“Does what it’s supposed to do! Enough said.”



2 thoughts on “Waterproof Case Option for Kindle

  1. I find it easier just to put my Kindle in a ziplock baggy. Works great.

  2. The plastic case didn’t distort the words on the Kindle screen?

    Also, you must have looked pretty funny staring at a plastic case all day long on the beach! lol!

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