Converter App for Kindle

7 Dragons, the creator of the hit Kindle application, Notepad, also has a cool app called Converter available for just 99 cents.

One of the most useful conversions that Converter provides is temperature.  While the US is on Fahrenheit, the rest of the world uses Celsius.  When my family had foreign exchange students come from Brazil last year, we had to constantly make approximate conversions when we wanted to talk about the weather.  Same situation applied to weights and measures.

Based on information from Converter’s Amazon page, this app includes 76 conversions within these 11 categories:

– Angle
– Area
– Energy
– Length/Distance
– Power
– Pressure
– Speed
– Temperature
– Time
– Volume
– Weight

Converter includes keyboard shortcuts that make conversions easy to do on the fly.  If you’re an avid reader (or gamer) like me, you probably have your Kindle with you all the time.  Quite a handy tool, I’d say.

Since Converter is relatively new, released last week, there aren’t that many reviews yet.  But the gist of it is, you get a great deal for the bargain.  It is very helpful for the average users, but might be a bit too simple for physicists.  Maybe they’ll add more complex conversion apps in the future.

I’ve been impressed with the types of apps that have been developed for the Kindle platform.  In addition to the fun games, there are also apps that can be really useful for everyday tasks.

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