Thread Words

For those who enjoy word search games, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) recently introduced Thread Words for Kindle.  It is the latest free game in Amazon’s Kindle game collection.  Thread Words also provides a fun way to kill time and exercise your brain.

Thread Words consists of a five letter high grid.  The goal of the game is create words by matching shapes on the left with shapes on the right.  Once you match all ten shapes you can move on to the next level.

The number of letters across the grid increase as the difficulty level increases.  Play against the clock, or play on your own time.

Now with the basic rules of Thread Words out of the way, there were a few reviews I thought were worth mentioning because they point out what sets Thread Words apart from other word search games:

Mehmet Gok

“There is a tutorial mode if you are new to the game. You can also use the keyboard instead of 5-way controller. I found typing worked faster for me.

Checking the words you miss afterwards is always good for vocabulary building.”

The following reviewer points out a unique aspect of Thread Words that you don’t see in other word search games…

Michael P. Gallagher

“One thing that is a little different rather than going in straight or a pure diagonal line to find your letters, you can weave up, down, and sideways after selecting one letter from each column. You also have to match some shapes in order to go to the next level.”

Weird and obscure words make this game so much more interesting…or maybe frustrating.


“Many of the words are wierd and not really the type you use everyday. Using context clues such as looking at the word on the top or bottom can help you figure out what letter a word starts with, since words are put in order of the first letter.”


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