Flashcards: Alphabet for Kids

Digi Ronin Games, a gaming company in the Research Triangle Park, NC has introduced a new Kindle application to add to its growing collection. This time, an alphabet game called Flashcards Alphabet and Spelling For Kids has been released and is available for young kids at the preschool-lower grades level.  What a great way to engage kids in learning and encourage them to try out the Kindle.  If you are interested, I wrote an earlier post that tells more about the other learning opportunities that Digi Ronin Games has developed.

Flash Cards: Alphabet and Spelling includes 76 new words on flash cards.  Kids can learn them through a variety of ways:

– Review new and unfamiliar words

– Practice learning the words through multiple choice

– Fill in the blank with a word

For new learners, there is a basic mode that asks the child to identify the first letter of a word from an image.  So, if the image is an apple, the child would say “A”.

For more advanced learners, the child would identify the whole word from an image.

Creating learning tools for children on the Kindle is a great idea and Flashcards: Alphabet and Spelling is off to a good start.  Overall, the Kindle is generally a device for adults and older youth, but this tool reaches out and includes younger kids.

From a technology standpoint it is fascinating to see what kids these days can grasp at a young age.

Suggestions for future updates might be to include a wider range of words of varying degrees of difficulty, and create an even more advanced version to include sentences that would put words into context.

I hope to see a growing list of learning tools, games and books for children on the Kindle.  It sure does put a much “cooler” spin on reading and learning if an e-reader is used.




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