Grandpa Thrifty’s Treasure Hunt

There is a fun, interactive Kindle book you should definitely try. Grandpa Thrifty’s Treasure Hunt is great for all ages.  Great especially for those who love adventure, word games and geocaching.

Basically, you download the Kindle book written by Stanford Squirrel and his Grandpa Thrifty.  I love the nicknames. It is pretty inexpensive at $2.99. This book gives you clues to finding Grandpa Thrifty’s real coin collection via this story and illustrations. According to the website and the Amazon product page, there is a medallion hidden in a tree on public property somewhere in the US.  Once you find the right tree, the medallion won’t be hard to find.

If you uncover this medallion, you win Grandpa Thrifty’s coin collection, worth $10,269.01.

I was skeptical at first, but the reviews are nothing less than 5 stars.


“I think it’s really great to engage kids (and adults) in reading, problem-solving, and combining that with an adventure in real life is very cool! This book is something everyone can enjoy, and should inspire good times all the way around. I admit, I’ll be out there looking with Grandpa Thrifty’s treasure map in hand…”


“Nothing fires up a kid’s imagination like a real treasure hunt. This one seems a little homemade, but it’s funny and charming and the price is right. We’re in. My kids can’t wait! ”

You can check out the Grandpa Thrifty’s Treasure Hunt  website that provides more information about the book, and the rules to the game.  You’ll also find some helpful hints that can aid your progress along the way.

Technology has made us so sedentary because of all of the sitting at the computer or playing video games. Creative stories like Grandpa Thrifty can get us moving again and fuel our imaginations.  It takes reading to a whole new level.

I am eager to see how hard it will be to uncover the clues that reach the treasure.  Until then, happy hunting!

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