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August 2011
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Adaptive Switches for the Kindle 3

A few months ago, I wrote a post about an adaptive technology called PageBot that can be used to operate the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX. PageBot is now available for the Kindle 3, and has been marked down to $279. If you order one by October 31, than you can get a free switch, called the Orby Switch.

These switches are designed for people who have mobility impairments that prevent them from using the Kindle normally.

The switch comes in two, bright colors: red and yellow. They are also activated with a minimum amount of pressure.

The product description according to Origin:

“Colorful – Available in Cherry Red and Lemon Yellow
Ergonomic – Audible and tactile feedback at each switch transition
Sensitive – Activation requires only 3.5 ounces of pressure anywhere on the surface
Adaptable – Threaded inserts support optional mounting at any angle
Stable – A friction pad is included to cushion impacts and prevent sliding
Durable – Designed for daily use and years of service
Dependable – Origin Instruments quality, reliability, and support
Affordable – Priced at $34.95 US$”

For more information, visit Origin Instruments’ PageBot product page and Orby Switch product page.  They have a great deal of cool assistive technology gadgets to check out.

I think it is awesome that there is adaptive equipment available out there for the growing e-reader and tablet market. However, I hope that assistive technology can be integrated into the Kindle, Nook, and tablets so that people with disabilities can use their devices just as easily as everyone else without all of the extra equipment.

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