One of the recent new additions to the Kindle game collection is Inheritance from Gang of Penguins.  Cool name! The cool part about this game, is that it is a text based adventure game. The bestselling e-reader began exclusively as a reading device, and is designed for text. So, Inheritance fits into the flow of what the Kindle was originally designed for.

Text adventure games have been around for years, this is just a new means of playing them. The gist of Inheritance is: you are locked into your recently deceased uncle’s house. You unlock clues through letters so get your inheritance. It is a short, but somewhat challenging game fit for all ages. One of the reviewers noted how they found the clues humorous, making the game more enjoyable.

Another tidbit from a reviewer that I particularly liked was that Inheritance got a child who does not like to read, to enjoy this game. So, Inheritance and other interactive games for the Kindle can reach out to readers and nonreaders alike.

L. Logan

“It was a simple game, but it was quite a lot of fun.
The game is purely text-based. There are no pictures, but the descriptions are more than adequate. The hints are obvious. The hardest part is remembering where one saw which item and how to get there. The text is also very humorous, which, in my opinion, makes the game more enjoyable.”

Overall, good reviews. There were some complaints about getting stuck. But, for me at least, getting stuck makes me work that much harder to solve the problem. Which in turn makes it much more satisfying when I find that answer.

I can see a whole set of text adventure games come out of this one.  Many others would agree with me on that. It leaves room for variety and more complex adventures to satisfy everyone.

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