Free Kindle Book -Thanksgiving Cookbook by Gooseberry Patch

The holidays are fast approaching and that means lots of delicious recipes.  A cookbook  in particular that is full of holiday treats is the free Kindle edition of Thanksgiving Cookbook.

Thanksgiving Cookbook includes 24 recipes, mostly involving pumpkin or turkey, but there are some others like harvest apple cheesecake.  Yum!  I love apple cider.  The cookbook includes several different recipes for it as well.

The set up and design of Thanksgiving Cookbook is pretty easy to read and doesn’t require too much fancy navigation.  It just moves from recipe to recipe.  There are little decorating tidbits at the bottom.  I enjoyed these because they sure do get creative with common household items.

The only big suggestion that I have as far as the layout of the book goes, is to include a table of contents so that the reader doesn’t have to go through the introductory section.  The best way to skip to the recipes you want is to go to the Kindle’s menu and select the “go to” option.  Once there, just select “table of contents.”  I admit that searching for recipes on the Kindle is a little more cumbersome than searching for them in a traditional recipe book or card that has colorful markers.

Gooseberry Patch is a company run by two women who wanted to work from home to raise their families.  The style of the cookbook is very warm and family oriented.  Very fitting with Thanksgiving being such a family style holiday.

So, stock up on Kindle cookbooks like Thanksgiving Cookbook.  Another good, free cookbook to try that isn’t holiday themed, is called Prevention Healthy Favorites.  I’m sure there will be a lot of holiday cookbooks, and even non holiday ones popping up in the Kindle Free book list.  So, keep an eye out for them.  You can’t go wrong because they’re free!


“Gooseberry Patch is one of my favorite companies. A while back, they often produced little cookbooks on a variety of topics. This is one of them. If you are expecting a large book, be forewarned, there are only 24 selected recipes in this book. The Kindle version, however is nicely formatted with good hyperlinks to each recipe, and cute clip art added to make the pages look less barren. ”

Benjamin Lew

“I found this Thanksgiving cookbook to be very helpful with the upcoming holidays coming up. The illustations were wonderful and it has gotten me inspired to learn some new ideas and ways of cooking the presenting the holiday fall meals. Lots of great pratical advice and wonderful receipes.”