Just Received My Kindle Touch Early

It’s only evening of the 15th here in Woodinville, WA but I’ve already received one of my new Kindle Touch devices and both Kindle Fires. Why would I need two of each? Remembering how Keyboardless Kindle 4 prerished during my last disassembly attempt I decided to stock up in advance. So stay tuned to hands-on review and disassembly photos…

Kindle Touch Weight

Kindle Touch Weight

2 thoughts on “Just Received My Kindle Touch Early

  1. I’m disappointed that the touch hasn’t begun appearing in stores. I had pre-ordered one from Amazon last week, but as of yesterday it wasn’t slated to arrive until the 29th. I figured I’d have better luck just walking into a store and buying one. But they aren’t in stock anywhere. Maybe next week?

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