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December 2011
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Kindle Dictionaries For Free

All our Kindle Dictionaries are now available for free trail via Amazon Kindle Owner’s Library. You can use your prime subscription to loan the dictionary and try it on your device, if you like, you can buy it later and loan some other book.

3 comments to Kindle Dictionaries For Free

  • Steven

    When I go hiking, I like free trails. I don’t hike on paid trails. I’ll have to go check out the french-english dictionary.

  • Mickey Blue Eyes

    I agree, free trails are good, but paid trails are faster, except when you have to sit in queue while someone looks for pocket change under the car seat to pay the toll.

  • Becca

    One strike for me against the Touch is that you can’t use Calibre’s collection manager plugin (or any free-standing collection manager) to build your collections. I understand there’s a way to build collections using Kindle for PC and then transferring them, but it sounds like a rather arcane way to go about things.

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