Fun Holiday Games for Kindle

I’ve been watching the Kindle games collection closely to see if any holiday games would show up this year. There are a few, but not as many as I thought there would be.

Right now there are three holiday themed Kindle games out there. The first is a holiday version of the hit free puzzle game, Pixel Perfect Puzzles. The object of this game is to create a picture by filling in individual blocks. Each row and column contains the number of blocks that that particular row or column will include.

The part that makes this game a little more challenging is that you have to figure out how far to space each set of blocks. So, far example, if it says 5 2, then you would do a set of 5 blocks all together, then a set of 2 blocks separated from the other set by one or two spaces.. The columns and rows have to match up. If you can figure out the easy ones, the harder ones tend to just fall into place. Pixel Perfect Holiday Puzzles includes themes from all holidays that come around this time, as well as winter terms.

Puzzle Baron’s Cryptograms is also available in a holiday edition. Cryptograms are scrambled words or phrases that you need to reorganize. The most helpful tip for me is to keep in mind what category the phrase is in. You can also compare your results with others, which usually helps players improve on their score.

I think that cryptograms can be some of the hardest word puzzles out there. Puzzle Baron’s Holiday Cryptograms include themes like Gift Giving, Holiday Season, New Year’s, Wintertime, and more.  Lots of fun to be had for word game lovers out there!

Lastly, there is a festive collection of Word Search puzzles with holiday terms from all kinds of categories such as movies. Word Search is a great game for all ages, and they are puzzles that everyone is familiar with to some degree.

The Holiday Word Search Kindle game is available on the Kindle Touch, as well as all other models with the exception of the Kindle Fire. The other two games are not available for the Kindle Touch at this time. I was a little surprised that Amazon’s own game is not compatible with the latest generation.

I hope to see more holiday games trickle in as the season gets going. It is still pretty early, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more to come in the next few weeks.

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