Daily Deals: Forget Me Not: A Memoir and Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition (Music Therapy)

Forget Me Not: A Memoir

Today Amazon offer Forget Me Not: A Memoir by Jennifer Lowe-anker for $1.99. This book has positive feedback from readers. Average evaluation is 4.7 from 44 reviews. It is really good result.

Here are shot description of the book

In 1999 Jennifer Lowe’s husband Alex Lowe died tragically in an avalanche on the Himalayan mountain Shishapangma, leaving her alone to raise three sons. Alex was widely considered one of the greatest modern climbers and the world mourned his loss–Tom Brokaw did a one-hour special for Dateline, and Sting narrated and composed music for a tribute film.

While Jenni and her sons faced the absence of the most important man in their lives, Alex’s best friend and longtime climbing partner, Conrad Anker, was dealing with the terrible loss as well as feelings of survivor’s guilt. Jenni and Conrad gradually, and unexpectedly, found solace in one another and married in 2001–Conrad is now the adoptive father of the three Lowe children.

Through letters and expedition notes from Alex, Forget Me Not spans continents and tells the story of three people whose lives intertwine to a degree they could never have imagined. Jenni’s account takes readers inside a woman’s heart and mind as she navigates her shattered life and survives, ultimately finding transformative love through her great loss. From the valleys of Montana to the peaks of the Himalayas, this never-before told story exposes the controversial yet ultimately redemptive power of love.

From the Publisher

Forget Me Not won the award for best outdoor literature presented by NOBA (National Outdoor Book Awards). About the Author

Jennifer Lowe-Anker was born Jennifer Daly in Missoula, Montana. She spent parts of her childhood riding horseback around the Missoula Valley and across the fields of her great grandparents homestead in Grasshopper Valley. A well-known artist, her paintings are rendered in the vivid color and rich texture of livestock markers, depicting whimsical images of a Western upbringing. Lowe-Anker began using the oily paintsticks while a student at Montana State University in 1984. Her work has been featured in gallery shows and exhibits throughout the West and hangs in private and corporate collections worldwide. Lowe-Anker is founder of the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation and resides in Montana with her husband Conrad Anker and their sons, Max, Sam, and Isaac. This is her first book.

Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition (Music Therapy)

Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition (Music Therapy) is an Android music app that is designed to help you unwind and relax, so you can sleep more soundly. With low-speed alpha waves, the sounds will comfort your mind and help you to naturally and smoothly fall asleep. The app is easy to use, so you can simply let the soothing sounds carry you off into a deep and restorative slumber.

Ambient Sound Mixer

There are plenty of natural noises to select from in Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition, such as ocean waves, gentle rain, and other pleasant ambient sounds. The Deluxe Edition of Sound Sleep (Music Therapy) features a sound mixer that allows you to customize each track. You can include one or several ambient noises, and adjust the volume of each for the perfect mix.

Creative and Enriching Sounds

The tracks offered in Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition are far from so-called leisure music. Rather, you’ll experience relaxing natural sounds with embedded alpha waves, which are delicately set to a rhythm of a specific frequency. Certain sound effects also have the potential to awaken the subconscious to soothe you as well as spark your imagination and creativity.

How It Works

The low-speed alpha waves in Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition have a frequency of 8 Hz to 9 Hz, which stimulates a brain state that is close to sleep. To generate such a frequency in the listener’s brain, binaural beats are applied. For example, if the left ear is presented with a steady tone of 500 Hz and the right ear with a steady tone of 508Hz, the difference, 8 Hz, is perceived by the brain and is a very effective stimulus for brainwave entrainment.

You will also enjoy the app’s elegant interface, varied music themes, and options to specify listening time and set an alarm. Let the sounds in Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition help you to feel more relaxed and sleep more soundly.

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