Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover

When you get a cool new gadget like the Kindle Fire, it generally a good idea to get some kind of protective cover or case for it.  It is hard to find good ones that aren’t super expensive, but there are some good options available in the Kindle Store to take advantage of.

There is one case currently on sale for $29.99 called the Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover.  It comes in four colors and it props the tablet up for hands free viewing.

Reviewers describe this case as the “most bang for your buck.”  The part I like the most about it is that it props the Kindle Fire up fairly high, which makes it so much easier to use.  It also provides much sturdier support than just propping it on a stack of books.

The colors available are black, graphite, pink, and white.  I hope more will be added soon, especially blue, since that is my favorite color.

Product Features

  • Certified “Made for Kindle” accessory (Kindle Fire)
  • Hard polycarbonate back piece with a soft protective lid for protection against scratches and impact
  • Soft fabric lid folds to function as a stand for viewing
  • Convenient elastic strap holds the protective lid in the open or closed position
  • Designed specifically to be lightweight and slim-fit

Also for the same price as the MicroShell case, you can get a Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve made by Amazon.  It does have good padding for protection against scratches and a decent choice of colors, but it doesn’t have as much functionality as the MicroShell case.  There are versions of the sleeve for all Kindle models.

I think the reviews for the  Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover are great for the most part especially the newer reviews.

K.M. Carone

“This case holds the Kindle snugly, feels good in my hand, doesn’t get in the way and doesn’t add any weight to an already comparatively “heavy” Kindle. It maintains a sleek appearance and acts as a perfectly sturdy stand as well. Now, if only it came in red or yellow or purple….. ”

Just Wondering

“My objective was to find the lightest case possible that was made of high quality materials and which would provide sufficient protection in case I dropped it (I seem to drop things a lot). This case meets my needs as well as I could expect. At the new lower price of $29.95, I think it is well-priced for protecting a $200 investment.”


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