Daily Deals: Hate Mail from Cheerleaders and MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook, English-French-German-Italian-Spanish

Hate Mail from Cheerleaders: And Other Adventures fin the Life of ReillyToday Amazon offer Hate Mail from Cheerleaders: And Other Adventures fin the Life of Reilly by Rick Reilly for $0.99.

Starred Review. Sports fans and regular readers of Sports Illustrated will already know to snap up this book when they see it’s a collection of pieces by award-winning SI columnist Rick Reilly. Others should follow their lead, as this superb, wide-ranging collection isn’t so much about sports as about “people who happen to be in sports.” Some columns are tearjerkers, such as the story of a blind man who finally gets to “see” a match played by his beloved New York Islanders, but most are laugh-out-loud funny, like the one detailing the season Reilly coached his daughter’s middle school basketball team (“I learned something about seventh-grade girls: They’re usually in the bathroom”). A few are scathing, as in his acid-laced response to Barry Bonds denying he used steroids (“Bonds’s records should stay in the books. With a little syringe next to every one”). And though it may not be surprising how many columns aim for inspiring-like the story of spirited Ben Comen, a high school cross-country runner with cerebral palsy-it’s a shock how many hit the mark. Reilly’s columns are short but pack a punch; a collection best savored, readers should resist as best they can the urge to consume this book in a single sitting. —- Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook, English-French-German-Italian-Spanish

Today only you can get MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook, English-French-German-Italian-Spanish for free.


If you’re going to be traveling in Europe, this popular multi-language talking phrasebook is a must-have application. The MobiLearn Talking English-French-German-Italian-Spanish Phrasebook provides the language help you need, just when you need it. In a flash, you can choose a phrase in any of the five languages, then see and hear its translation in any of the other languages.

You’re Speaking Their Language

The program is based on a core of over 400 common expressions linked to the situations you’re most likely to experience as a business traveler or tourist in the many places around the globe where these languages are spoken. The expressions in each language were developed by professional teams of native speakers. Their translations are based on mainstream conversational language as it’s spoken today.

Native speakers provide pure, clear pronunciations for each audio clip. You can bookmark favorite or common expressions for fast, easy access, or use the repetition command to hear phrases over and over if you want to memorize or practice them. The Autoplay command plays each phrase one after the other–perfect for language immersion.

If you’re a frequent European traveler, planning a special trip there, or just want to learn a new language, the MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook is an invaluable tool.

Note: Because of the MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook’s high quality audio, it requires more storage memory than the average Android app–about 50 MB total. Installation on a high-capacity SD card is recommended. The core program installs in about a minute, then installs all remaining voice files on first launch in a one-time download. This may take as long as an hour or so, depending on network speed; a Wi-Fi internet connection is highly recommended.

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