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Fluffy Birds Deluxe

Fluffy Birds Deluxe is a game for your Kindle Fire. You can get this app for free today only.

Lovers of match-three games, visual puzzles, and super-adorable birdies are in luck: hours of challenging fun await you in Fluffy Birds Deluxe, a game for your Android device. Sit back, relax, and match groups of similarly-colored birds in three separate game modes. As you play, enjoy soothing sounds and high-definition graphics featuring some seriously cuddly birds.

Three Ways to Play
In this game, the learning curve is gentle–much like the birds themselves. You can choose from three modes, each of which features lots of feathery friends perched on wires. No matter what mode you play, you’ll shift entire rows and columns of birds to form groups. But each mode offers a distinct play experience.

In Casual mode, you’ll be given a certain amount of time in which to match groups of similarly-colored birds. You’ll earn points for every group of three that you form, as well as for sets of bonus eggs that pop up now and again. See how many matches you can make before time runs out!

Relaxation mode is exactly what it suggests: a dialed-down version of Casual mode. There’s no clock here, so take your time as you match groups of birds and send them on their way. You may even discover some Zen-like satisfaction as you settle into the relaxed vibe.

Puzzle mode is a bit different. Here, you’ll shift rows of birds to match a pattern that’s been pre-set by the computer–the fewer moves you make, the better your score. Start with an easy puzzle, then progress through increasingly difficult challenges. There are 20 different mind-bending puzzles to work with, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself. Have fun!

Kindle Success Spurs Apple To New eBook Moves

Recent reports indicate that later this month we can expect to see Apple host a press conference related to, of all things, eBooks.  After news that the Kindle Fire has had a noticeable impact on iPad sales this past quarter, clearly something has to be done.  This is not official as of yet, but multiple sources in positions to be aware of such plans have passed along the same information.  While we have no way as of yet to know for sure where this will lead, the most common rumors seem to point to Apple’s launching of a digital self publishing platform to compete with the Kindle Direct Publishing program.

In reality, such a move on Apple’s part would be quite surprising.  In addition to the fact that simply matching the competition seems to offer far less reward than the effort would be worth given that the iBooks store has failed to really take off so far anyway, Apple is already making about as much on each book sold to owners of their devices as they would be likely to make off a program competitive enough to draw in new authors.  Keeping in mind the fact that anybody publishing through Amazon’s KDP program, or even Barnes & Noble’s slightly less popular PubIt, will already be available to iOS users, the only real motivation for Apple here would be to draw authors into an exclusive arrangement in some way to enhance the iBooks selection.  Amazon has already begun a similar effort tied into their Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, so this would not necessarily be a shocking move, but there is little reason to suspect that Apple is desperate to suddenly push into the eBook market in a major way.

Since we can be fairly certain that whatever the announcement is about will be related to publishing in some way, however, there are a few other possibilities.  Textbook rental is one of the more likely possibilities.  While Amazon’s new Kindle Format 8 provides some more robust formatting options to publishers and the Kindle Fire obviously handles the demands of textbooks more easily than E INK reading devices, so far the Kindle Textbook Rental program has failed to draw much attention.  Given the iPad’s larger screen and Apple’s strong presence on college campuses, it would make sense for them to jump to fill in this gap in the market before anybody else beats them to it.

It is also possible that this has something to do with the ongoing class action lawsuits against Apple and the Big 6 publishers over price fixing and the imposition of the Agency Model around the time the iPad was released.  In the past month the situation has become quite a bit more intense, with the US Justice Department joining in and at least 15 ongoing suits.  It would seem unlikely that the company would want to comment on an ongoing legal battle, but given claims of detailed inside information on the part of certain plaintiffs there is always the chance that preemptive spin on an anticipated settlement attempt might be in order.

The one thing everybody agrees on is that this will not be a hardware announcement.  While there is still speculation with varying degrees of believability about a smaller iPad meant to compete with the Kindle Fire, that will have to wait until later.  For now, it’s hard to know exactly what to expect.