“In Her Name” Trilogy Review

In Her Name (Omnibus Edition)The trilogy “In Her Name” consists of three books: “In Her Name: Empire”, “In Her Name: Confederation”, and “In Her Name: Final Battle”. This is the recommended reading order.

Summarizing we can definitely say the books were very interesting to read. You can find out the plot of the books on the relevant Amazon page, but here we’ve decided to present only the positive and negative sides of these books.


– The trilogy shows the strength of love, sacrifice, friendship, and honor.

– Rich description of characters, issues of personal identity, honor and friendship. The style of the author is very engaging, even emotional and exciting, so you can’t stop reading and only think what will happen next …

– The plot is good-structured.

– The happy end of the trilogy which is, at the same time, quite predictable after reading two thirds of the last book.

– Some parts of the plot are really worth thinking about. Consider this idea of the main hero, a teenage boy, who tells about his view of how to live in a routine world:

“Every day that you let yourself do just the stuff you have to do to get by, even when you’re so tired you can’t see straight, you die just a little bit. Not much, not so much that you notice that day, or even the next, but just a little. Your mind starts eroding, and you start forgetting about anything that you used to think was interesting or important, whether anyone else thought it was or not. Pretty soon, all the useless crap that we do here becomes more and more important to you, as if it really had some meaning… And the worst part is that you start not to care about anything or anyone, or even yourself.”


– Harshness while describing some parts of the plot about the war, combats, or other brutal elements of the plot, which might not do for some people, for example children;

– Three books are quite bulky to read one after another (some parts of the plot are slightly stretched and lack the numerous changes that could take your breath).

– The first book is very likely to the American epic science fiction film “Avatar” by James Cameron. You’ll see a lot of similarities in the description of the alien race and their planet. So, some kind of déjà vu can probably pursue you while reading.

For all that, the trilogy is highly recommended to read!

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