Daily Dials: Morgue Drawer Four and Galactic Blast

Morgue Drawer Four

Today Amazon offer to buy Morgue Drawer Four by Jutta Profijt for $0.99.

This entertaining mix of thriller and fantasy, which was shortlisted for Germany’s Friedrich Glauser Prize, works a nice twist on a familiar theme. Car thief Pascha Lerchenberg is handed a couple of really big surprises: first, he’s murdered; then he awakens in the morgue to see his body being autopsied. As if that isn’t enough to drive a recently dead man around the bend, Pascha discovers that he can communicate with the coroner, Martin Gansewein (who is understandably gob-smacked when the dead man on his table begins talking to him). The nimbly translated tale follows Pascha and Martin—a decidedly mismatched pair—as they try to solve Pascha’s murder. Pascha’s first-person narration, including jaunty commentary on his post-death existence and his relationship with Martin, gives the novel an appealing extra dimension. Stories told by dead people tend to be either YA fiction or high-end literary fare—Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones comes to mind—but it’s rare to find a thriller using the technique. Fans of crime novels and out-of-body fantasies should have a very good time with this one. —David Pitt


Galactic Blast

Also Amazon offer to your Kindle Fire Galactic Blast. Today only it is free.

Blaze a trail through the starry night sky in this colorful arcade-style space shooter for Android. Galactic Blast fuses an old-school arcade aesthetic with fresh new multi-touch controls. See how high you can score as you fervently tap the screen to fire on incoming objects while guiding your starship out of harm’s way. Are you ready for an out of this world adventure?

Steer Through a Colorful Galaxy

Galactic Blast has you using sharp touch-screen controls to conquer each level as you fly through outer space. Use one hand to steer your ship and the other to fire at incoming objects like asteroids and bonuses. Make sure you collect the destroyed asteroid’s rubble along the way to add to your score. As you move through the level, discover and collect bonuses that will increase your play time or score and more. Your game ends if you are hit by one of the incoming objects.

Rack Up Points and Unlock Ships

Master each level and gain points along the way. Your endeavors are rewarded with stars based on your score. Earn one, two, or three stars for each level. Galactic Blast features several exciting ship upgrades to unlock by earning the corresponding achievements. Set off on your adventure and challenge yourself to get three stars on all levels and unlock all of the ships!

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