Daily Deals: The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom: Movie Tie-In and Cookies & Milk

The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom: Movie Tie-In

Today Amazon offer The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom: Movie Tie-In  by Slavomir Rawicz for $0.99.

Cavalry officer Slavomir Rawicz was captured by the Red Army in 1939 during the German-Soviet partition of Poland and was sent to the Siberian Gulag along with other captive Poles, Finns, Ukranians, Czechs, Greeks, and even a few English, French, and American unfortunates who had been caught up in the fighting. A year later, he and six comrades from various countries escaped from a labor camp in Yakutsk and made their way, on foot, thousands of miles south to British India, where Rawicz reenlisted in the Polish army and fought against the Germans. The Long Walk recounts that adventure, which is surely one of the most curious treks in history.

Here are some reviews on this book:

“I hope The Long Walk will remain as a memorial to all those who live and die for freedom, and for all those who for many reasons could not speak for themselves.”
—Slavomir Rawicz

The Long Walk is a book that I absolutely could not put down and one that I will never forget…”–Stephen Ambrose

“A poet with steel in his soul.”–New York Times

“One of the most amazing, heroic stories of this or any other time.”–Chicago Tribune

“A book filled with the spirit of human dignity and the courage of men seeking freedom.” –Los Angeles Times

“Heroism is not the domain of the powerful; it is the domain of people whose only other alternative is to give up and die…. [The Long Walk] must be read—and reread, and passed along to friends.” –National Geographic Adventure

“The ultimate human endurance story…told with clarity, vivid description, and a good dash of romance and humor.” –The Vancouver Sun

“Essentially it comes down to some sort of inner tenacity and that is what is so gripping about the book because you know that this is actually about all of us. It’s not just some Polish bloke who wanted to get home. It’s about how we all struggle on every day. Somehow or other we find a reason to keep on going and it’s the same here but on an epic scale”.–Benedict Allen, explorer and bestselling author of Into the Abyss and Edge of Blue Heaven


Cookies & Milk

Cookies & Milk is application for your Kindle Fire. Today only it is free to download and install at your device.

If you’ve got little helpers in your kitchen who love baking or if you simply have a sweet tooth to satisfy, the Cookies and Milk app brings the joys of (pretend) baking to your Android device. From sugar-loving toddlers to calorie-conscious adults, baking and indulging in a cyber-cookie just may be the sweet escape you crave.

Sugar and Spice and All That’s Nice

Expand your children’s cookie palate by scrolling through your baking options first and settling on a choice. If you choose to bake cookies from scratch you’ll even be provided with the recipe. Choose from more than 10 delicious recipes.

Ingredients appear above the mixing bowl. Drag and drop each ingredient into the bowl and mix it up with the touch of a finger. Watch the ingredients transform into delicious dough.

Next, drag each dough ball onto the baking sheet until it’s full and put it into the oven. When the light comes on, the cookies are ready to decorate.

The responsive touch-and-drag interface makes it easy for young children to choose ingredients and toppings with ease.

Down to the Last Crumb

Every kid knows the best part of baking cookies–eating them! Tap the cookie to take a bite, tap it twice, three times, four–uh oh, until cookie is no more.

Something to wash it down? Cookie consumption is never complete without a tall glass of nice, cold milk. Slurp it down and properly complete the cookie ritual with a strong, satisfying, “Ahhhhhh.”

• Great for children who love helping in the kitchen and playing pretend

• Responsive touch-and-drag interface makes navigating the app easy for toddlers

• Choose from more than 10 delicious cookie recipes

• Watch your little one mix until the ingredients turn to dough

• Great for sugar-loving kids to calorie-conscious adults (Fat free!)

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

Yale law professor Amy Chua’s memoir, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother has stirred up a lot of controversy to put it mildly.  It has been all over the media, particularly in a recent Wall Street Journal article that included an excerpt from the book.  I downloaded it from my library’s Kindle e-book selection because I was curious about the book itself. Despite disagreeing with the way Chua raised her girls on a personal level, I really enjoyed reading it.

In the Afterward section of the book, Chua wrote that Battle Hymn was meant to be a parody of herself.  Her writing style and humorous take on the way she interacted with her daughters was what really sucked me in.

The term “tiger mother” refers to the extremely strict way of raising kids.  In general children of tiger mothers, or tiger dads for that matter, are not allowed to do anything social that would interfere with their educational pursuits.

Anything below an “A” or anything less than first place in a competition is not tolerated.  Chua’s daughters bore the brunt of her extreme parenting through their music.  Her oldest plays the piano, and her youngest played the violin.  Each daughter reacts in completely different ways.  In fact, Chua’s youngest daughter was very instrumental in getting Chua to take a fresh look at the way she handled things.  She may be stubborn, but her daughter is very much her equal.

The only major aspect of the book that I didn’t like was the constant black and white comparisons between Chinese and Western styles of parenting.  However, Chua did mention that her references to these were meant to be “loose” ones.  They were a bit one sided, and every parenting style is unique.  Both strict and lenient styles have their own pluses and minuses.

As expected the reviews are all across the board.  Whether you love it or hate it, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is great for a debate or discussion.

Homer Merino

“Much criticism is out in the media about how this book focuses on a type of parenting that should definitely not be used for today’s children, and that is exactly not what the book is trying to convey. The book is about a mother understanding her own demanding values for her daughters and of them trying to find themselves throughout to where it works out in the end. I do believe that for those that criticize the book are the ones that have not read it entirely or seem to read incomplete excerpts. ”