Daily Deals: The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks and Pyramix

The Architecture of the Arkansas OzarksWithin today’s Kindle Daily deals Amazon offer The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks by Donald Harington for $0.99

Jacob and Noah Ingledew trudge 600 miles from their native Tennessee to found Stay More, a small town nestled in a narrow valley that winds among the Arkansas Ozarks and into the reader’s imagination. The Ingledew saga – which follows six generations of ‘Stay Morons’ through 140 years of abundant living and prodigal loving – is the heart of Harington’s jubilant, picaresque novel. Praised as one of the year’s ten best novels by the American Library Association when first published, this tale continues to captivate readers with its winning fusion of lyricism and comedy.

Harington has succeeded in creating one of the finest novels in recent years. — Library Journal

You don’t have to be from Arkansas to to appreciate this robust and rollicking novel… — Columbus Dispatch

About the Author

Although he was born and raised in Little Rock, Donald Harington spent nearly all of his early summers in the Ozark mountain hamlet of Drakes Creek, his mother’s hometown, where his grandparents operated the general store and post office. There, before he lost his hearing to meningitis at the age of twelve, he listened carefully to the vanishing Ozark folk language and the old tales told by story-tellers. His academic career is in art and art history and he has taught art history at a variety of colleges, including his alma mater, the University of Arkansas. His first novel was published by Random House in 1965, and since then he has published twelve other novels, most of them set in the Ozark hamlet of his own creation, Stay More, based loosely upon Drakes Creek. He has also written books about artists. He won the Robert Penn Warren Award in 2003, the Porter Prize in 1987, the Heasley Prize at Lyon College in 1998, was inducted into the Arkansas Writers’ Hall of Fame in 1999 and that same year won the Arkansas Fiction Award of the Arkansas Library Association. He has been called “an undiscovered continent” (Fred Chappell) and “America’s Greatest Unknown Novelist” (Entertainment Weekly).



Pyramix is a game for your Kindle Fire. Today only you can get it for free.

Word game aficionados, meet your latest challenge. Pyramix, a “word enigma generator” for your Android device, is an addictive game that combines code-deciphering strategy with the simplicity of classic grid-based word games.

Drawing from a jumbled assortment of letters, try to find the right letter combinations to solve unique four-word puzzles. Play against a timer or work in untimed mode, and take in the mysterious-looking graphics and evocative sound effects.

Crack the Pyramix Code

The pyramid-shaped game board consists of four empty, horizontally-stacked rows. At the bottom of the board, you’ll see a mirror image of the top rows–but these rows contain jumbled letters. To build a word at the top, take any letter from the bottom and drop it in the space you choose.

Counters show the number of possible words for each row. Lights glow when a row is filled with a complete word. But remember, the more rows you fill, the harder the challenge gets! Be strategic and keep an eye on the counters as you create words. Good luck!

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