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Rebels of Mindanao: A Novel

Today Amazon offer to your attention Tom Anthony’s high-octane military thriller follows a covert operation designed to take down terrorist insurgencies before their mission to create civil unrest in the tropical Pacific can be realized. The name of the book is Rebels of Mindanao. It is cost $0.99 but only today.

Al Qaeda terrorists are spreading silently throughout the globe wreaking violence on all who oppose them. Their newest target: the remote Philippine island of Mindanao. On the brink of civil war, success in Mindanao would trigger a chain reaction across the Pacific, threatening democracy and peace around the world.

Haunted by the failure of his last mission and the lost lives of his team, Thomas Thornton had hoped to escape his former life as a military operative, seeking the calm beauty of tropical Mindanao. When two West Point friends, now high ranking officials in the government and military, ask him to run one last op, he finds himself in the fray once more. Thornton recruits a hunter-killer team of Manobo tribesmen to begin covert actions against the insurgency. The mission: eliminate a Turkish warrior carrying millions in cash into Mindanao to finance an Islamic revolution. The deal: make the Turk and the cash disappear, no questions asked.

Some words about the Author

Tom Anthony is a West Point Graduate and combat veteran who spent his professional civilian career in global business all over the world. He has lived and worked in Austria, Italy, Spain, England, Iraq, Israel, and throughout Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Anthony also lived in Mindanao for three years. He currently lives in California with his family.


KeepTrack Pro

Also you can get KeepTrack Pro for free today only.

Organizing and tracking different areas of your life couldn’t be easier with KeepTrack Pro. Turn your Android device into a personal assistant that can help you stay on-time, meet your goals, and track what is important to you. KeepTrack Pro helps you get a handle on aspects of your life that require careful attention.

Track What’s Important to You

KeepTrack Pro lets you track any details you wish over time. Keep tabs on serious details, such as the medication you’re taking, and more whimsical details, such as how many buses you see each day. You decide what you wish to track, how often, and what to do with the information. The app’s clean interface makes it easy to create new fields and enter data into existing ones. Keep Track Pro also provides helpful graphs and statistics if you wish to examine what you’re tracking in greater detail.

Easy, Intelligent Interface

To start, add a new task by identifying it with a name, selecting the values data type, setting a default value, name the value units, choose the increment/decrement amount, and identify the goal, if any. Choose from the following data values:

• Numeric: Decimal numbers are great for entering weight, distance, etc.

• Text: Free text, which is ideal for reminders, ideas, and more

• Boolean: Yes or No option to track simple questions, e.g., ‘did I work out today?’

• Marker: Includes a specific time so you can track occurrences

• Group: Perfect for using multiple data values to track your task

Make the Most of Your Efforts

Once you’ve been tracking the items that are important to you, use the data to make improvements, adjustments, or to simply keep yourself informed. Click on a specific task to see the data breakdown. View a pie chart, statistics, and calendar. For those difficult to remember tasks, KeepTrack Pro features an alarm setting to remind you.

KeepTrack Pro makes it easier than ever to track information that is important to you in a way that works for you.

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