Daily Deals: Sports Illustrated Blood, Sweat and Chalk and 3D Mini Golf Challenge

Today Amazon offer the following book Sports Illustrated Blood, Sweat and Chalk: The Ultimate Football Playbook: How the Great Coaches Built Today’s Game written by Tim Layden just for $2.99

Sports Illustrated Blood, Sweat and Chalk: The Ultimate Football Playbook: How the Great Coaches Built Today's GameThe modern game of football is filled with plays and formations with names like the Counter Trey, the Wildcat, the Zone Blitz and the Cover Two. They have become part of the sport’s vernacular, and yet for many fans they remain just names, often confusing ones. To rectify that, Tim Layden has drilled deep into the core of the game to reveal not only how these chalkboard X’s and O’s really work on the field, but also where they came from and who dreamed them up.

These playbook schemes, many of them illuminated by diagrams, bear the insignia of some of the game’s great innovators, men like Vince Lombardi, Don Coryell, Tom Osborne, Bill Walsh, Tony Dungy and Buddy Ryan. But football has also been radically altered by the ingenious work of men with more obscure names, like Tiger Ellison, Emory Bellard and Mouse Davis.

In Blood, Sweat and Chalk, Layden takes readers into the meeting rooms-and in some cases the living rooms-where the game’s most significant ideas were hatched. He goes to the coaches and to the players who inspired them, and lets them tell their stories. In candid conversations with some of football’s most intriguing characters, Layden provides a fascinating guide to the game, helping fans to better see the subtleties of America’s favorite sport.

The game of football is cyclical. Coaches today are getting too much credit for formations and offenses that were dreamed up years ago. Tim Layden does a wonderful job of tracing the origin of those ideas in Blood, Sweat and Chalk.
– Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach, University of Florida

Tim Layden explores the minds and ambitions of the game’s formative thinkers. Serious students of football must have this on their bookshelves! — Steve Sabol, President, NFL Films

Blood, Sweat and Chalk is a must-read for all football aficionados. I, of course, especially enjoyed reading about the great Don Coryell, a true innovator in the game we all love. His ideas changed football-and this book shows you how. — Dan Fouts, Hall of Fame Quarterback, San Diego Chargers

Tim has created a playbook that’s instructional, a history book that’s fascinating and a football bible that’s a must-read for anybody who loves the game. All in one. — Dan Patrick, Host, NBC’s Football Night in America

Tim Layden does a great job telling the story of the people and the ideas that had a major impact on the game of football as we know it. — Mack Brown, Head Football Coach, University of Texas

This is one of the most important sports books of our generation-and a lot of fun too. The formations and philosophies that win Super Bowls and national titles are made crystal clear. If you live for fall weekends, this is your book.  — Peter King, Author, Monday Morning Quarterback

3D Mini Golf Challenge


3D Mini Golf Challenge is game for your Kindle Fire.


Test your mini-golf skills to see just how many hole-in-ones, birdies, and pars you can get in 3D Mini Golf Challenge for Android. If you like golf, you’ll enjoy this casual sports game with amazing 3D graphics.

Unique Courses and Themes

3D Mini Golf Challenge features four unlockable courses including Supernova, Transylvania, and Excalibur. Swing your way through a total of 100 unique tracks.

Controls are as easy as dragging down from the ball to increase the power and releasing to shoot. Swipe left or right to move the camera and pinch to zoom in and out. Music and sound effects are optional.

Challenges and Trophies

Gather points to unlock new challenges. Play against a computer opponent in Versus Match, try for a birdie on all tracks in Hole-in-One, and finish all the tracks before time runs out in Time Attack. Win up to seven trophies by completing the challenges. You’ll be in putting heaven with this app.

The Kindle Fire Sold at a Loss, But Accessories More than Make up for it.

The holiday season has been over for awhile, and the sales boom that goes with it has leveled off.  January and February are kind of a let down after the excitement of getting new gadgets for the holidays.  Kindle Fire sales are proof of this conclusion.

Does the slipping sales show signs of being short or long term? I’m not a business person by any means, but a little research and common sense shows that it is a combination of sales cycles and the novelty of a new gadget wearing off.

November and December usually have to carry a big chunk of the sales numbers for the year. Now that the Kindle Fire is in the hands of its users, it will be up to the Kindle Fire apps and accessories to carry the weight of sales revenue.

That leads into the whole “why Amazon sold the Kindle Fire at a loss” debate.  They more than make up for it in the books and other extras available on the tablet.  This model is applied to all members of the Kindle Family.  The focus on the software rather than hardware has been a trend for awhile now.

By selling cheaper devices, Amazon opens up the opportunity for more people to purchase the tablet or e-reader, then it leaves them some cash left over to buy books, apps, covers, lights, you name it. So, I can definitely see the Kindle hardware get cheaper and cheaper while sales numbers for books and accessories go up.  The key is to do cheap without compromising functionality.

But, back to thoughts on the slipping sales.  The Kindle Fire recently got an update that included some much needed bug fixes.  The update overall brought much better reviews for the tablet.  But it is still leaving its consumers wanting more.  Camera, 3G, bigger screen, and longer battery life are examples of features that would be good to have.

All of those things cause the price to go up.  What balance can be struck to still provide a cheap tablet, yet give consumers what they want?  With that said, I’ll be very interested to see what the next update, and subsequent generations of the Kindle Fire look like.