Daily Deals: Prisoners in the Palace: How Princess Victoria Became Queen with the Help of Her Maid and Draw(er) Pro

Prisoners in the Palace: How Princess Victoria Became Queen with the Help of Her MaidToday Amazon unveils a new Kindle book deal: Prisoners in the Palace: How Princess Victoria Became Queen with the Help of Her Maid written by Michaela MacColl just for $1.99

Liza is expected to make her debut in 1830s London, but when her parents die suddenly, she is left penniless and must instead enter service. Through fortuitous connections, she gets a position as a lady’s maid to 17-year-old Princess Victoria, who lives with her mother in the neglected and tension-filled Kensington Palace. Liza begrudgingly adjusts to this new role and slowly comes to care for the temperamental, haughty, and pitiable princess even while she rejects lewd advances from Sir John, the household’s powerful secretary. Ultimately, Liza befriends a young boy and a newspaperman (who soon becomes a love interest) in order to confront the public slander surrounding the princess. This novel is full of historical detail, vivid settings, and richly drawn characters, and themes of friendship and romance give the story teen appeal; Liza is a brave yet conflicted young adult with whom readers will identify. The author takes liberties with some historical facts (clarified in an afterword) to create a tale of espionage, romance, grief, and hope. Grades 6-12. –Melissa Moore

Draw(er) Pro


Draw(er) Pro is a sketching and drawing app with a twist. The various tools give you a new perspective on drawing, so your basic lines turn into works of art. Set colors and brush sizes, undo and redo as needed, save and share your sketches, and much more.

Gather your Artist’s Tools

Setting up your canvas and paint colors isn’t just a matter of clicking a color picker. Choose hue, saturation, and lightness settings, just as you would in professional image manipulation software. Smooth your drawing’s edges with automatic anti-aliasing, and set up your brush size before you begin your latest masterpiece.

Play Creatively

Turn simple lines into chains of circles and squares. Apply sketched effects, fur, webbing, and shading. Erase just a bit or undo a lot–and redo if you’ve undone too much. Color naturally, and keep your colors inside the lines, or create a rougher, realistic drawing with a happy-messy appeal.

Draw(er) Pro encourages creativity with your very first doodle. You’ll work towards more and more complex drawings as you discover how many different ways the tools work for you. For example, fur makes perfect fireworks, and both the web and sketch brushes fill in shapes as you draw. Sketch and draw creatively with every tool in Draw(er) Pro, then save and share your works of art for others to enjoy.

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