Daily Deal: The Westies and Gem Boy Jump HD

The Westies: Inside New York's Irish MobToday Amazon offers to read a decades-long saga of murder and betrayal on Manhattan’s gritty West Side. Books’s title is “The Westies: Inside New York’s Irish Mob“. It was written by T. J. English. Amazon deal is to get this book just for $1.99 and save $13.96

It’s men like Jimmy Coonan and Mickey Featherstone who gave Hell’s Kitchen its name. In the mid-1970s, these two long-time friends take the reins of New York’s Irish mob, using brute force to give it hitherto unthinkable power. Jimmy, a charismatic sociopath, is the leader. Mickey, whose memories of Vietnam torture him daily, is his enforcer. Together they make brutality their trademark, butchering bodies or hurling them out the window. Under their reign, Hell’s Kitchen becomes a place where death literally rains from the sky.

When Mickey goes down for a murder he didn’t commit, he suspects his friend has sold him out. He returns the favor, breaking the underworld’s code of silence and testifying against his gang in open court. From his testimony comes this incredible story of what it means to make it in a world where murder is commonplace.


Gem Boy Jump HD

Gem Boy Jump HD is a platform jumping game that uses precise tilt calibration for accurate and fast-paced gameplay. After a countdown from three, your Gem Boy automatically starts jumping, but you’ve got to control his horizontal movement to reach new platforms without falling.

Reaching New Heights

Your objective is to collect gems. The higher you climb, the more gems you’ll collect. There are three kinds of platforms; some you may only use once, some are permanent and stationary, and others move horizontally. Gem boy, on the other hand, is never still; he is always jumping. To keep Gem boy on a platform while you contemplate your next move, simply refrain from tilting your device. This guy is spring-loaded, so it’s easy to send him to his final resting place if you don’t stay calm, cool, and collected.

Gems and Other Goodies

Platforms carry more than just valuable gems. Power-ups, such as the leaf, shield, and magnet, will help you on your gem-collecting adventure. Collect star launches to advance past tons of platforms at once. Hearts will earn you an extra life.

In your search for valuable gems, you can’t expect to be alone. Gem thieves can be found jumping from platform to platform trying to steal the gems before you reach them. Avoid colliding with the thieves. They’ll either take your life, or all of your gems.

New Worlds and More Challenges

Gem Boy Jump HD offers two game modes, three difficulty levels, and four themes. Local and global high scores are automatically saved and recorded in ScoreLoop. After each game, you’re given stats: game time, gems collected, power-ups collected, star launches, gem thieves stopped, platform jumps, and an ultimate score.

Jump through the sky, space, ice, and lava on your journey for gems with Gem Boy. You can download this game for free today only here!

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