Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin is best known for her book, Something Borrowed.  It was made into a movie and is now out on DVD.  I saw it recently.  I wasn’t overly impressed.  However, I’ve read three of the books so far, and have enjoyed them.  You can find them on the Kindle for reasonable prices.

Something Borrowed is the first in a series that is follwed by Something Blue, then Heart of the Matter fits in there somewhere in the line up.  All include the same characters, but each is narrated by a different character.

Heart of the Matter has two narrators: Tessa, the wife of a plastic surgeon, and Valerie, the mother of the surgeon’s patient.  Valerie is also “the other woman” so to speak.

Cheating is a common theme in Giffin’s books.  I get kind of tired of seeing it addressed over and over.  But, she presents both sides of the issue.  She also portrays the stay at home mom vs working mom culture.

I think what keeps me reading is her writing style.  It is very conversational and you can see how each of the characters’ personalities mesh together.

The summer is coming up.  Heart of the Matter would be a good book to load on your Kindle for some lazy beach or pool side reading.

The reviews are pretty good overall.  I think many echo my thoughts regarding the point of view and beach read writing style.


“Just when you think you have a clear cut view of what life is all about or about what you will or won’t do, you find that it is very rare for any person to be all good or all bad. There are more areas of gray in this life than just black or white. This book speaks to what it means to human, which mean to be imperfect. It speaks to the choices we make and the reasons for those choices and how they shape our lives, as well as the people’s lives around us. ”



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