Daily Deals: Second Honeymoon and LED Football

Second Honeymoon: A NovelToday Amazon offers the following items: Second Honeymoon: A Novel and LED Football. The first one is ebook written by Joanna Trollope and it cost $1.99 today compare to $8.99 before. The second one is a game for your Kindle Fire which you can get for free today only.

Second Honeymoon: A Novel

Now that her third and last child has left the nest, Edie Boyd’s life turns suddenly and uncomfortably silent. She begins to yearn for the maternal intimacy that now seems lost to her forever. Be careful what you wish for…Before long, a mother-and-child reunion is in full swing: life away from the nest has proven to be unexpectedly daunting to the children, who one-by-one return home, bringing their troubles. With an unannounced new phase of parenthood suddenly stretching ahead of her, Edie finds her home more crowded than ever. In this touching, artful novel, Joanna Trollope has created a family drama for the ages, a moving story of work, love and eternal parenthood.

Some words about the Author

Joanna Trollope, the nationally bestselling author of sixteen other books, including Brother & Sister, Marrying the Mistress, and The Rector’s Wife, lives in Gloucestershire, England.


LED FootballLED Football

A retro football flashback is now available on your Android device. Remember the good ol’ days when you could play the 1978 Mattel electronic football game on a handheld? You probably thought you were at the height of technology. Now, you can get all nostalgic and play a simulated version of your favorite, original football video game on a more sophisticated handheld.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Enjoy the simple and entertaining gameplay that started it all using the latest micro-electonics. You play as the ball carrier, and the computer is on defense. The interface was designed as an exact replica as the original. If you knew what you were doing then, you’ll know exactly how to play now. Use the buttons to cut back, avoid tacklers, and run for daylight! Score a touchdown and hear the victory sound.

It’s just like you remember, with the competition of real football, the skill of real play, and the entertaining challenge that made it a classic in the first place.

Tip: Sound is controlled by your Android device’s sound. Make sure to turn your phone off vibrate mode and with reasonable volume to hear the sound. Turn vibrate on if you don’t want to hear the sound


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