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UNO Now Available on the Kindle

UNO is such a fun game for all ages.  It was just added to the ever expanding Kindle game list.  There are a number of popular board games and card games available on the e-reader.  There is an edition for both the Kindle Fire and the regular e-ink Kindles.

The Kindle Fire edition uses full color and is formatted more like the traditional UNO game.  It is about 99 cents and has okay reviews.  The version for the e-ink Kindles is brand new and is showing promise.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game of UNO, basically you match up different numbers and color cards until you run out.  You have to say “uno!” before any other player if you have one card left, or you have to draw.  There are special cards: reverse, draw 2, and wild cards.  It can get pretty crazy, especially if a lot of people are playing.

Gameloft, the developer, worked around the color issue by creating shapes to identify the different cards.  You will see this on a lot of the Kindle based card games.  I noticed a good point in the product description.  By eliminating color, it makes the game accessible for people who are color blind.  That’s a good perk.

The Kindle version of UNO includes a variety of play modes and game types.  You can set up customizable rules and enter different challenges.

I’m a fan of traditional card games, but putting them on the Kindle definitely adds some portability to the game.  You don’t have to worry about spilling the cards everywhere in the car or other similar situations.

UNO has good reviews overall.  There really aren’t that many up yet.

If you are looking for a good bargain, check out this week’s sale on the classic hit, Yahtzee.  In addition to that one, there is a slew of other fun games that are either free or just 99 cents.



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