Daily Deals: In the Courts of the Sun and MASH

In the Courts of the SunToday Amazon offers  In the Courts of the Sun by Brian D’Amato just for $2.99

According to the ancient Maya, December 21, 2012, could be the day the world ends. In this ambitious novel, a modern-day descendant of the Maya, Jed DeLanda, goes back in time to save mankind. Well, he doesn’t go back physically; that’s not possible in D’Amato’s world, but it is possible to send back the consciousness of a person and to place it inside the mind of someone living in the past. The plan was to put Jed’s mind inside the body of a Mayan king in the year 664 CE, but, instead, he winds up inside the head of a man about to be killed by ritual sacrifice. Can Jed keep his host alive long enough to save the world? This is the sort of novel that Robert Silverberg might write (and, in fact, it feels a bit like Silverberg’s classic Up the Line)—a richly detailed, intellectually stimulating adventure through time. Unfortunately, it takes too long for the adventure to begin. While it’s fine to describe the future world in which Jed lives and even to establish his credentials for being chosen as humanity’s savior, we shouldn’t be made to wait 200-odd pages before Jed is flung back into the past. Still, he is an engaging narrator, telling his story in an easy, often humorous style. With the release later this year of the high-profile movie 2012 (also based on the Mayan prophecy), prepare for this title to be in high demand. –David Pitt

Some words about the Author

Brian D’Amato is an artist who sculptures and installations have been shown in galleries and museums over the world. His first novel, Beauty, was hailed by Dean Koontz as “the best first novel I have read in a decade”.


MASHMASH – is an application which you can install into your Kindle Fire for free today only. It was chosen for daily Amazon Appstore Deals.

Discover who you’ll marry, where you’ll live, how many kids you’ll have, and if you’ll be filthy stinking rich (or just stinking). Play MASH the classic way, or mix it up and discover even more about your future. MASH Elite offers a variety of stories to download. For each story, fill in the blanks with your choices and make it your own.

In the old days, kids used to waste paper playing this game, but now you can discover all the secrets of your future on your seemingly psychic Android.

Fill-in Your Future Fantasy Life

Once you choose a story to play, you’ll be prompted to enter information. Carefully contemplate and select a choice; or, for a more serendipitous approach, roll the dice and let the app choose. You can even randomize your choices.

The Spiral Has Spoken

Once you make all of your choices, it’s time to leave the rest up to your spiral art and the MASH powers-that-be. Draw a spiral using your finger and discover your destiny. Watch the pencil eliminate choices based on your MASH number and then–voila! See what your future holds!

Once your MASH fate finally lands you Justin Bieber in a mansion off the coast of France with two beautiful children who never sass back, save and share your results with your friends via e-mail or Facebook.

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