Daily Deals: Macbeth and Meowch!

Macbeth: A NovelToday Amazon offers Macbeth: A Novel by A.J. Hartley and David Hewson just for $1.99

This is not your parents’ Macbeth or the one you read in high-school English class. A dark and bloody tale of a Scottish lord and his beloved wife, Macbeth: A Novel hurtles toward readers in gripping contemporary prose, thanks to novelists David Hewson and A. J. Hartley.

Set in eleventh-century Scotland, Macbeth: A Novel is rich with ancient clans battling fiercely against one another and against the foreign marauders raiding their borders. Macbeth, Lord of Moray, and his wife, Skena, are loyal patriots, willing to kill or be killed to protect the Scottish kingdom. Yet the greatest danger to their beloved homeland is proving to be the king himself, Duncan, whose corrupt, bloody reign threatens to destroy the country. After Macbeth meets a trio of witches, the frustrated hero begins to think that perhaps Scotland needs a new king—him. But what begins as a plan fueled by the best of intentions soon spirals into murder, treachery, and personal collapse. In the language of today’s fast-paced thrillers, Hewson and Hartley create an electrifying tapestry out of Shakespeare’s tale, relaunching two of the most powerful characters ever created.

Some words about the Authors

British-born author A. J. Hartley is the Russell Robinson Professor of Shakespeare Studies at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte and works as a scholar, screenwriter, dramaturg, and theater director. In addition to seven best-selling novels, he is the author of The Shakespearean Dramaturg; an upcoming performance history of Julius Caesar; a book on Shakespeare and political theatre; and numerous articles and book chapters. He also edits the performance journal, Shakespeare Bulletin, published by Johns Hopkins University Press. He is married with one son and lives in Charlotte.

David Hewson is the author of seventeen novels that have been published in twenty different languages. His first book, Semana Santa, was transformed into a movie, and his nine-book, Rome-based Nic Costa series is currently in development for television. Before devoting himself full-time to writing, he worked as a journalist for the London Times, the Sunday Times, and The Independent.


Meowch!Meowch! is a small funny game. It can help you to spend several hours. Today only you can get this game for free.

You love cats–and cats love mischief and adventure. This is how it always has been and always will be. It’s time to accept that fact and enjoy Meowch!, a game that offers lots of fun and fur-raising thrills.

Tempting Feline Fate

In Meowch!, you’ll take control of three runaway cats and guide them to freedom. Can you maneuver down the roof of a brownstone while evading the clutches of the cat lady? Or from the the heights of a skyscraper without a gust of wind blowing you off course?

Find out as you embark on a series of dangerous, cat-unfriendly adventures, dodging deadly electrical wires and even deadlier enemies. Stay on your toes, keep your eyes open and your claws out, and you just might win.

But don’t forget: if you make it all the way down a building, be sure to find a hiding place on the ground ASAP. Otherwise, Animal Control will be happy to snatch you up–and that would be the ultimate Meowch!

Navigate 36 unique levels through three stages, each with new challenges and a distinct visual style. It’s up to you to get your feline friends to safety. Good luck!

Kindle Replaces Bible in English Hotel

It’s hard to guess how many people actually get any use out of the bibles that are typically left in hotel rooms by the Gideons.  Chances are good that the percentage of hotel guests who so much as touch theirs is astoundingly low.  Somehow, I think that we can count on the fact that the Kindles that are replacing these bibles in the Hotel Indigo’s 148 rooms will prove more generally useful.

This Newcastle, England establishment has come up with a fairly ingenious arrangement.  Every room has its own Kindle.  Any guest who wants to use it can either browse the books it already has loaded or can purchase other religious content worth up to $7.80 (5 ppunds).  Anything non-religious is still available but will be added to the customer’s bill on the way out.  Naturally the first book to be loaded onto each Kindle will be the bible, just in case somebody really needs to have access to it, but there are many other titles to choose from now.

This is only a trial run of a potential change for the whole chain.  After July 16th, things will be evaluated to see if it was a success and whether or not to keep the Kindles around.  Best case scenario, the Kindle will be replacing the bible in 44 hotels around the world.

The biggest question this raises is that of security.  We don’t know how the hotel intends to make sure things stay as they should.  Naturally you would need to charge the cost of the Kindle to the guest if they walked off with it, making the proposition far more expensive than taking a Gideon Bible.  How they protect guest privacy, and their own investment, will be more complicated.

Assume you have a Kindle with the bible loaded onto it.  Anybody who can purchase on the device, as we know is the case for these, can also delete from the downloaded titles.  It would still be available for re-download, of course.  Given that anybody can add books to the associated account, though, even that might be a problem.

I would imagine that some guests might object to having to find their bible in the middle of a long list of other peoples’ favorite romance books and assorted other content.  If the hotel chooses to delete all content aside from the bible from every Kindle account after each guest leaves, they are just throwing away material that is potentially interesting to their customers.  That seems unlikely.  All of that completely ignores potential privacy concerns associated with keeping a long list of all the reading habits of people staying in these rooms.

The easier solution might have been to go with an eReader that accepted a removable memory card, but when you’re thinking of eReaders and their associated book stores the Kindle is the obvious choice.  It would be nice to see this take off despite the complications.  A Kindle in every hotel room would be quite a bit more useful than most things you’re likely to find there.