Daily Deals: The Gingerbread House and Seven Stars 3D II

The Gingerbread House: Volume 1 (Hammarby)Today Amazon offers The Gingerbread House: Volume 1 (Hammarby) by Carin Gerhardsen by $1.99

In a short space of time, several bestial murders occur in central Stockholm. When criminal investigator Conny Sjöberg and the Hammarby police begin to suspect that there’s a link between the murders, Sjöberg goes completely cold. There is a killer out there whose motives are very personal, and who will not be deterred. The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen is the first in the Hammarby series, thrillers with taut, suspenseful plots and unexpected twists and turns. This haunting novel explores schoolyard bullying among young children and the effect it has on them when people look the other way. Many of the scenes in this book are self-experienced and based on Gerhardsen’s own childhood. Urban settings and strong portraits of authentic characters are crafted in depth and detail, insuring the books will linger in the reader’s mind long after the finish. The Gingerbread House is written in the same tradition as the Sjöwall / Wahlöö crime novels, and has been described as a book version of the tv series The Wire. It is not only published by the same publisher as Stieg Larsson’s The Millennium Trilogy, but by the same editorial team.

Some words about the Author

From the same publisher – and even the same editorial team – that brought you Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy comes Carin Gerhardsen, author of the Hammarby-series, five crime novels that take place in the southern parts of Stockholm. Originally a mathematician, Carin Gerhardsen has become one of Sweden’s most highly praised crime authors, considered “Sweden’s number one female crime author”, by Bokhora, the most popular book blog in Sweden. Many of the scenes depicted are self-experienced, based on episodes from Gerhardsen’s own childhood.


Seven Stars 3D IISeven Stars 3D II is a game for your Kindle Fire. Take your chance to get this game for free today only.

Seven Stars 3D II, the sequel of the famous game:

The Big Dipper was hidden again by an evil monster. Human being lost their guide in the night. you need to find your way by maneuvering through the labyrinth with steady hands and sharp reflexes to save the Seven stars!

Features in full version:

  • OpenGL ES 3D graphics
  • Chinese art style
  • Real-time Physics
  • APP to SD
  • Support various resolutions from QVGA to WXGA
  • Original soundtrack
  • G-Sensor controlling
  • Calibration function
  • Support for HD devices and tablets, such as Kindle Fire

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