Daily Deals: Winston Churchill’s WWII Collection and WordPoly

The Gathering StormToday Amazon offers the six books in Winston Churchill’s monumental account detailing the European Allied Powers fight against Germany and the Axis are $1.99 each, up to 77% off yesterday’s price. Churchill won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 in part because of this awe-inspiring work. Here is the list of the books:

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm covers the Treaty of Versailles, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the capitulation of Munich and the entry of Britain into the war. This book makes clear Churchill’s feeling that the Second World War was a largely senseless but unavoidable conflict.

Their Finest Hour

In Their Finest Hour, Churchill describes the invasion of France and a growing sense of dismay in Britain. Should Britain meet France’s desperate pleas for reinforcements or husband their resources in preparation for the inevitable German assault? In the book’s second half, entitled simply “Alone,” Churchill discusses Great Britain’s position as the last stronghold against German conquest: the battle for control of the skies over Britain, diplomatic efforts to draw the United States into the war, and the spreading global conflict.

The Grand Alliance

The Grand Alliance describes the end of an extraordinary period in British military history in which Britain stood alone against Germany. Two crucial events brought an end of Britain’s isolation. First is Hitler’s decision to attack the Soviet Union, opening up a battle front in the East and forcing Stalin to look to the British for support. The second event is the bombing of Pearl Harbor. U.S. support had long been crucial to the British war effort, and Churchill documents his efforts to draw the Americans to aid, including correspondence with President Roosevelt.

The Hinge of Fate

The Hinge of Fate is the dramatic account of the Allies’ changing fortunes.In the first half of the book, Churchill describes the fearful period in which the Germans threaten to overwhelm the Red Army, Rommel dominates the war in the desert, and Singapore falls to the Japanese. In the span of just a few months, the Allies begin to turn the tide, achieving decisive victories at Midway and Guadalcanal, and repulsing the Germans at Stalingrad. As confidence builds, the Allies begin to gain ground against the Axis powers.

Closing the Ring

Triumph and Tragedy

In Triumph and Tragedy, Churchill provides in dramatic detail the endgame of the war and the uneasy meetings between himself, Stalin, and Truman to discuss plans for rebuilding Europe in the aftermath of devastation, beginning with invasion of Normandy, the heroic landing of the Allied armies and the most remarkable amphibious operation in military history. Churchill watches as the uneasy coalition that had knit themselves together begins to fray at Potsdam, foreshadowing the birth of the Cold War.


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