Daily Deals: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, Stupid Fast and Bejazzled

Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar HooverToday Amazon offers Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover by Anthony Summers just for $1.99

No one exemplified paranoia and secrecy at the heart of American power better than J. Edgar Hoover, the original director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For this consummate biography, renowned investigative journalist Anthony Summers interviewed more than eight hundred witnesses and pored through thousands of documents to get at the truth about the man who headed the FBI for fifty years, persecuted political enemies, blackmailed politicians, and lived his own surprising secret life. Ultimately, Summers paints a portrait of a fatally flawed individual who should never have held such power, and for so long.

Some words about the Author

Anthony Summers is a writer, journalist and television producer . After education at Oxford University, he began his career in television with Granada TV’s ‘World in Action’ investigative current affairs program. He moved on to the BBC, traveling worldwide and becoming a Deputy Editor of the flagship ‘Panorama’ program. Coverage for the BBC included the Vietnam War and the Middle East conflict, and – extensively – the United States, notably the Martin Luther King assassination and Robert Kennedy’s presidential bid. He is the bestselling author of The File on the Tsar (1976), The Kennedy Conspiracy (1980), Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe (1985), Honeytrap (1987), Not in Your Lifetime: The definitive book on the J.F.K. Assassination (1998), The Arrogance of Power: The Secret World of Richard Nixon (1998), Sinatra: The Life (2005) and The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 & Osama bin Laden (2011). Anthony lives in Ireland with his wife and three children.

Stupid FastAlso you can take a loot at and buy Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach for $1.99


My name is Felton Reinstein, which is not a fast name. But last November, my voice finally dropped and I grew all this hair and then I got stupid fast. Fast like a donkey. Zing!

Now they want me, the guy they used to call Squirrel Nut, to try out for the football team. With the jocks. But will that fix my mom? Make my brother stop dressing like a pirate? Most important, will it get me girls-especially Aleah?

So I train. And I run. And I sneak off to Aleah’s house in the night. But deep down I know I can’t run forever. And I wonder what will happen when I finally have to stop.

Some words about the Author

Geoff Herbach is a novelist, but he also loves writing for performance. He co-created PowderKeg Live! and is also the co-founder of The Lit 6 Project, a group dedicated to bringing literary storytelling to broader audiences. He teaches creative writing at Minnesota State University-Mankato.


BejazzledBejazzled is a game for your Kindle Fire or any other Android device. Today only you can download this game for free.

Match 3 gameplay meets word game and it’s Bejazzled! Wordsmiths and puzzle masters, Bejazzled is the exciting new word puzzle game, from Sungift Games. This superb match 3 word puzzle game provides hours of fun, exercises the brain, and includes a fantastic jazz music soundtrack.

Choose from three different game modes. Classic mode lets you simply complete words and earn points, whereas in Action mode you play against the clock. Fill the blanks before your time runs out and gain bonus time. Endless mode provides hours of fun, and you simply cannot lose.

Bejazzled offers more than 500,000 words in 10 different languages. Build your vocabulary while simultaneously learning a new language. Furthermore, Bejazzled supports OpenFeint integration. Compete to own the leaderboards.

Product features:

  • Unique Mix of Match 3 and Word Game
  • 3 Game Modes
  • 3 Difficulty Levels
  • More than 500,000 Words in 10 Languages
  • Jazzy Sound Track
  • OpenFeint Integration

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