Daily Deals: City of Women, “Brain Quest” Educational Books and Word Link – Fun and Fast Word Association

City of WomenToday Amazon offers City of Women by David R. Gillham for $2.99.

Whom do you trust, whom do you love, and who can be saved?

It is 1943—the height of the Second World War—and Berlin has essentially become a city of women.
Sigrid Schröder is, for all intents and purposes, the model German soldier’s wife: She goes to work every day, does as much with her rations as she can, and dutifully cares for her meddling mother-in-law, all the while ignoring the horrific immoralities of the regime. But behind this façade is an entirely different Sigrid, a woman who dreams of her former lover, now lost in the chaos of the war. Her lover is a Jew.

But Sigrid is not the only one with secrets.

A high ranking SS officer and his family move down the hall and Sigrid finds herself pulled into their orbit.  A young woman doing her duty-year is out of excuses before Sigrid can even ask her any questions.  And then there’s the blind man selling pencils on the corner, whose eyes Sigrid can feel following her from behind the darkness of his goggles.

Soon Sigrid is embroiled in a world she knew nothing about, and as her eyes open to the reality around her, the carefully constructed fortress of solitude she has built over the years begins to collapse. She must choose to act on what is right and what is wrong, and what falls somewhere in the shadows between the two.  In this page-turning novel, David Gillham explores what happens to ordinary people thrust into extraordinary times, and how the choices they make can be the difference between life and death.

Some words about the Author

David R. Gillham spent more than a decade in the book business. He lives with his family in western Massachusetts.

Also Amazon offers deal for kids: the first four volumes of the popular “Brain Quest” educational series for just $1.99 each (83% off). Beloved by kids and trusted by parents and teachers, the series uses fun, question-and-answer games to challenge kids on the stuff they need to know, when they need to know it. All books were written by Chris Welles Feder, Susan Bishay. Here is the list of these books:

1. Brain Quest Preschool, revised 4th edition: 300 Questions and Answers to Get a Smart Start

2. Brain Quest Kindergarten, revised 4th edition: 300 Questions and Answers to Get a Smart Start

3. Brain Quest Grade 1, revised 4th edition: 750 Questions and Answers to Challenge the Mind

4. Brain Quest Grade 2, revised 4th edition: 1,000 Questions and Answers to Challenge the Mind


Word Link - Fun and Fast Word AssociationWord Link – Fun and Fast Word Association is a game which is free today only. This game has very positive customers replies.

Keep your brain sharp and active with this fun, fast and addictive word association game.

If you love crossword, word search, or hangman, you will love Word Link.

Dog… Cat.
Cold… Hot.
Tasty… Delicious.
Fire… Truck.
Sugar… Coffee.

Select and match 5 pairs to complete each puzzle. The faster you go, the more stars you’ll get!

Words can be synonyms.
Words can be antonyms.
Words can be compound.
Words just have to be related.

Word Link comes with 10 packs. That’s 500 levels with more coming this year!


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