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May 2018
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If Amazon Bans Your Account You Lose Access to Kindle Store

Interesting Kindle 2 related story is developing in MobileRead Forums. In a nutshell – Amazon customer had his account banned for allegedly excessive returns of expensive electronics. That would have been the end of the story but he also happened to own a K2. And with his account banned he lost access to Kindle Store, Archived Items and official warranty. Returning the Kindle for a refund is also not possible. So currently he only has books that were present on his Kindle at the moment of Ban and two options of getting new books: 1) ones that are freely available for download and 2) illegal way of getting non-Amazon DRM books.

Two main conclusions from this story are:

  1. While you can only regular paper books by something like fire, theft or forgetful friends, DRM eBooks can be taken away from you by the service provider – in this particular case Amazon. On the other hand while you maintain a good relationship with them and they are in business – your books are safe from things that threaten paper books
  2. Be careful with your returns. It looks like Amazon doesn’t issue warnings before they ban your account.