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Apps and games that run on Kindle 4

While majority of Active Content for Kindle currently doesn’t run on new Kindle 4 device without the keyboard. Some apps do run. Here’s a full list:

This list will expand as new apps are released and Amazon certifies existing ones for use without keyboard. The list will be updated here: Kindle 4 Apps.

Calendar Pro is the #1 bestselling app for Kindle

Kindle Calendar Pro

Kindle Calendar Pro

Our Kindle Calendar Pro application has recently reached #1 ranking among bestsellers in Kindle Games and Active Content, and as I’m writing this post it ranks #11 paid Kindle title!

Calendar Pro is an application that helps you keep track of your daily schedule on Kindle and find out which day of the week any date falls on.

User interface has been optimized for eInk and it runs equally well on Amazon Kindle 2, Kindle 3 and Kindle DX.

Regretfully, Calendar Pro like all other Kindle apps is currently not available outside of US. We would like it to be otherwise (and I’m sure Amazon as well) but for the time being this is how things stand.

We, the developers of the app would like to thank all our customers for choosing the app and providing valuable feedback, here on the blog, via email and in Amazon product reviews!

Kindle Apps Blog

With Amazon announcing Kindle SDK (KDK) I’ve decided to launch a separate Kindle Apps blog for reviewing and speculating about Kindle Apps. Since no apps has been released yet and little is known about the KDK itself I’ll be mostly speculating to begin with. The blog can be found at http://kindle-apps.net/