Daily Deals: Rock Paper Tiger and ACTPrinter – Virtual Printer

Rock Paper TigerToday Amazon offers to buy Rock Paper Tiger by Lisa Brackmann for $1.99.

American Iraq War veteran Ellie Cooper is down and out in Beijing when a chance encounter with a Uighur—a member of a Chinese Muslim minority—at the home of her sort-of boyfriend Lao Zhang turns her life upside down. Lao Zhang disappears, and suddenly multiple security organizations are hounding her for information. They say the Uighur is a terrorist. Ellie doesn’t know what’s going on, but she must decide whom to trust among the artists, dealers, collectors, and operatives claiming to be on her side—in particular, a mysterious organization operating within a popular online role-playing game. As she tries to elude her pursuers, she’s haunted by memories of Iraq. Is what she did and saw there at the root of the mess she’s in now?

Some words about the Author

Lisa Brackmann has worked as an executive at a major motion picture studio, an issues researcher in a presidential campaign, and as the singer/songwriter/bassist in an LA rock band. A southern California native, she currently lives in Venice, California, with her three cats. Rock Paper Tiger is her first novel.


ACTPrinter - Virtual Printer

Also Amazon offers to get ACTPrinter – Virtual Printer for free today only.

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