Daily Deals: Ice Age and Word Collapse

Ice Age

Today Amazon offers to buy and read a book about a mysterious disease emerges from the Antarctic, threatening the survival of mankind. The name of the book is Ice Age and was written by Brian Freemantle.

As the polar ice caps melt, scientists prepare for slowly rising sea levels. But there is a far more urgent threat, hitherto unimaginable, which in a matter of months—not decades—may destroy civilization as we know it.

A polar research station has gone quiet, and the crew that investigates finds four corpses—their bones arthritic, their skin withered, their hair reduced to tattered wisps. They are the bodies of the four scientists manning the station—none of them over forty-five years old. A terrifying virus, which causes adults to race to old age, has emerged from the ice where it has been locked since prehistoric times. Against such an ancient illness man has no immunity, and unless someone can stop it, the Earth is about to be swept clean by history’s deadliest plague.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Brian Freemantle including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.


Word Collapse

Do you have a way with words or are you simply interested in improving your vocabulary? Word Collapse is the perfect little word game for your phone. This app transforms the alphabet into a modern and exciting board game. Explore your creative side as you form words using all the tiles on the board. While some games only focus on providing an addictive experience, Word Collapse manages to combine addictive and simple gameplay with brain-stimulating fun.

Observe and Detect

Challenge your observation skills as you look over the 48 tiles on-screen and locate all the possible words. Find longer words for extra bonus points. Discover new words and use the game as an educational tool, or show off your vast vocabulary while having fun and racking up points with Word Collapse.

Three Games in One
  • Spot a word: Use all the letters to make words and clear the board
  • Untwist: Unscramble the letters and find the 3 to 12 letter words hiding in plain sight
  • Letterfall: Don’t let your board bury you–words fall from above as you work to clear the board
Play at your Own Speed

In all three game modes you can choose the speed of the game, which gives you even more ways to play. If you’re the leisurely crossword-loving type then you’ll want to play a slow game with unlimited time so you can find the best words. Choose a fast game for more pressure and enjoy the rush as you play to clear the board and beat the clock in time.