Big Sale on Kindle Games Going on Now

The Kindle Fire tends to be more well known for its games because it has a lot of the really popular ones.  Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are the first to come to mind.  But, the e-ink Kindles also have a huge selection of games to choose from.  They may not be as vibrant as the tablet counterparts, but they’re designed to fit into the look and feel of the monochrome display.  Different ones usually go on sale each month.

For March, many of the most popular games are on sale for 50% off or more.  They’re already quite cheap anyway.  Gone are the days of $50 video games.  Now we often complain when a game hits the $5 mark!

I see some of my favorites on the list: Mahjong Solitaire and Jewels.  There are also a couple of newer ones: Lingo and Jungle King.  Aside from those games, there is a game suitable for everyone: cards, puzzles, interactive fiction, and more.

It has been interesting to observe what game developers have come up with for the limited e-ink platform.  I have been surprised at how many different style games have been adapted for the platform.

The Kindle Touch has eliminated the need for the 5-way controller.  Games like Bubble Pop and Gem Falls work much better with the touchscreen user interface than with the toggle and keyboard.  I had a lot of fun playing Bubble Pop on my Kindle Touch.

I’ve noticed more and more interactive fiction available in the Kindle games list.  This is a fun and engaging way to get people more engaged in reading.  You pick your own characters and control the direction of the story.  So, you have to be actively involved with the story as a whole.

So take a look at the games on the sales list.  In addition to the games on this list, there are hundreds of free and very inexpensive apps available for the e-ink Kindle.

Blackjack – Kindle Edition

Blackjack is now a part of the Kindle’s ever growing game collection.  It includes many of the popular game features such as splits, double down, surrender and insurance.  Best of all, its free!

Robin L. McLaughlin does a really good job of explaining the nature of Blackjack for Kindle:

“One of the things that has struck me, especially with this game, is how responsive the e-Ink screen can be for games that require a quickly changing screen. It’s not something I ever expected in terms of performance. It’s not really that much slower than card games on my computer, because of all the animations they use.”


“I’ve even found that it is extremely informative with tips and hints on when to Hit, Stand, Double Up, etc. It even has a counter built in for how many consecutive times you make the correct moves without using the Hint feature. Even though I don’t like to gamble, I find that I would feel a whole lot more confident, should I ever find myself at a table.”

Barbara Fox “pop culture diva”:

“One of the best-designed games for the Kindle I’ve encountered so far. I really feel as if I’m sitting at a casino table, playing the house. The rules are clear and easily available and there are ways to customize the game. There is also the option of getting ‘advice’ from the game.”

There wasn’t much criticism besides the game being really addicting, however, there was one review that I thought was interesting:

Robert Merivel:

“I’d be curious if others have noticed…. When you play the same hands the same ways, the same cards come up for all your hands if you play long enough. Are they using the clock to generate the random numbers for the cards like 20 years ago?”

So, overall, great addition to the Kindle game collection.  It has a few minor bugs, but for a free game, Blackjack is a pretty darn good game.