Kindle Case Gift-Giving Suggestions

As Mother’s Day approaches, naturally the first thought in everybody’s mind will be to purchase a Kindle for their mother.  That goes without saying, I’m sure!  But then we find ourselves in the awkward spot of having to consider what accessories and such will be the most useful to include.  It would be rude to give a give that practically requires the recipient to spend money as soon as they get it, right? I’ve looked around, given it some thought, and found a couple of the more interesting cases that might help out here.  There are other things that would work with the Kindle, but having a good case is generally considered almost mandatory, for protecting the device if nothing else.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

This is the most likely case to catch your eye when you make a Kindle purchase.  It’s made by Amazon, has a built-in booklight, a cord to hold the cover closed when not in use, and just generally does the job well.  It’s a bit expensive at $59.99, but remember that that includes the ability to read in the dark without having to worry about extra batteries or clip-on lights.

Marware Eco-Vue Folio Kindle Case

I like the Marware Folio because it’s inexpensive and feels good.  It’s just a basic Kindle case with an elastic strap to hold it open or closed, but the cover has a built-in strap to go around your hand which isn’t nearly as silly as I thought when I first bought one.  The design is sound, it looks nice, and it can take an impressive beating.  Probably my favorite of the inexpensive folio cases.

M-Edge Platform Kindle Jacket

When it comes to variety of selection, I would consider M-Edge the company to go to.  They have all sorts to choose from and even a service to completely personalize your cover.  This one is neat because it lets you stand your Kindle on a table or counter.  Particularly useful when using the Kindle as a recipe book in the kitchen, I’ve found.

M-Edge Leisure Kindle Jacket

Unlike the others I’ve mentioned so far, the Leisure jacket for the Kindle is a complete enclosure for the device.  It is water resistant, sand resistant, very durable, and reasonably priced.  The entire front of the cover is a clear vinyl that allows you to access all of the controls(aside from the power slider) without exposing your Kindle to the elements.  Something like this is a must for anybody bringing their reading to the beach or on a hiking trip, but it can also come in handy in pretty much any messy situation.

Oberon Leather Cases

When it comes to really ornate and impressive cases, Oberon is the place to go.  They’re not available directly through Amazon at this time, which can be a pain, but it’s worth it if you’re trying to impress.  Since all of Oberon’s Kindle cases are leather with pewter buttons they can require a bit more care than other case options.  They do offer a number of designs for both of the most recent Kindle generations and the Kindle DX, the latter of which is a big help given the lack of good case selections for the DX at the moment.

Make Your Own Kindle Case That Doubles as a Stand

Spent the money on a new Kindle?  Want to protect your investment, but don’t have the funds leftover to buy a fancy cover? Or worried the fancy case will break your Kindle?  Why not make your own Kindle case?

Chica and Jo provides step by step instructions, on how to make your own custom case for the Kindle 1 or Kindle 2.  If you have a DX, you will need to figure out the measurements yourself since they didn’t have access to a DX model.  The idea is pretty cool, as it is super cheap and you can use whatever design you want (I’m not particularly fond of the generic floral print used in the guide). Plus, the case also doubles as a reading stand.  This would be particularly useful if you use your Kindle for something like reading sheet music.

Here’s what the final product looks like:

Amazon to Replace Broken Kindles After Lawsuit

Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

The Kindle is an expensive gadget, so many owners take precautions to protect it.  One popular Kindle accessory is Amazon’s own leather cover, which adds a layer of insulation to prevent everyday mishaps.  The only problem is that the hinges on the cover have apparently cracked the cases on a number of Kindle 2’s and Kindle DX‘s, with the damage sometimes even resulting in a frozen display.

After a $5 million lawsuit filed against the company, Amazon agreed to replace Kindles that have been damaged by the cover.  This is a reversal of Amazon’s previous practice of charging $200 for the replacement.  Even though Amazon’s now trying to address the issue, the lawsuit has yet to be withdrawn.  The company, however, refuses to comment on the suit itself since it’s against their policy to discuss ongoing litigation.

So far I don’t see any traces of damage on either of my Kindles but this piece of news has got me strongly considering investing in another kind of Kindle cover. On the other hand should 3rd party cover crack my Kindle, Amazon would be reluctant to exchange it for free. I’m curious, has anyone run into these problems with the Amazon case?

Hand Made Kindle Case Mod Made to Look Like a Book

Hand made Kindle case designed to look like a book

Believe it or not the above picture is not that of a fine old book, but rather a modified case cover for the Kindle! This beautiful piece was made by a user on the mobileread Kindle forum, it features a hand made leather book case, marbleized paper for the end papers, gold leaf to give the impression of gilded pages and a felt-lined holder which keeps the Kindle securely in place. You still don’t believe me do you? in that case I suggest you scroll down the page and have a look at other the images.

Whilst it does look pretty, a few readers on the forums have pointed out that there seem to be some usability issues. For instance on this particular case-mod the cover does not fold back upon itself which may cause readers to use both hands whilst reading content, however the creator of the case mod assured them that it is not a big issue. I guess the only way of telling if it affects usability is by actually using it.

This case-mod simply blows the standard case you get with the Kindle out of the water, or for that matter any other case out there. I think a commercial venture which would offer this to Kindle owners would be an excellent idea, apparently this case-mod it has already fooled some people into thinking that it is a real book!

Now here are some more picture for you to drool over:

Hand made Kindle case designed to look like a book

Hand made Kindle case designed to look like a book

Hand made Kindle case designed to look like a book

Source: user artsci on mobileread Kindle forums