Sony Reader Touch/Pocket vs. Kindle

Sony Reader Touch

Sony Reader Touch

Sony’s latest competition against the Kindle are the  Sony Reader Touch and Sony Reader Pocket.  Here’s a quick roundup of various reviews of these new products from around the net.

  • Gizmodo – Glare ruins the Reader Touch, Pocket is short on features but cheap price.
  • ZDNet – The Reader Touch works great, glare isn’t much of an issue.
  • CNET – Reader Touch get 3 out of 5.  Better to get Kindle at this price.
  • CNET – Reader Pocket gets 3.5 out of 5.  Good deal for the price.
  • Financial Times – Touch screen more natural to use than Kindle controls, but misses wireless.  Reviewer likes free Kindle iPhone app over Reader Pocket.
  • Mobile Tech Review – Reader Touch has caught up with Amazon and may even get some Kindle defectors.
  • iReaderReview – Reader Touch gets 7.75 out of 10.  Doesn’t quite beat the Kindle but Sony is getting really close.
  • iReaderReview – Reader Pocket vs. similarly priced Kindle 2 refurb.  Pocket is better for basic reading, but Kindle 2 has better additional features.

Recently Lose a Kindle in New York? CNET Might Have It


From Sarah Tew at CNET. Kindle has big scratch on screen.

If you were visiting or live in New York and recently forgot your Kindle in a taxicab, one of the editors at CNET may have it.

The Kindle belongs to a John and has the device name of “John’s Kindle.”  If you think it is yours, you can Email the article’s author and verify your identity.  Apparently, CNET decided to not even attempt to contact Amazon because they assumed Amazon would be unwilling to cooperate in giving out customer information.  Maybe that’s the case, but if I found a Kindle I would at least try to return it through Amazon’s customer service.  I don’t understand why Amazon couldn’t just act as a middleman and have you ship it without any idea who the owner is.

Returning the Kindle was also made more difficult because the owner didn’t put any of their personal info in the device.  It may seem pointless, but the Kindle can store your personal info for a reason.  This is it.