Converter App for Kindle

7 Dragons, the creator of the hit Kindle application, Notepad, also has a cool app called Converter available for just 99 cents.

One of the most useful conversions that Converter provides is temperature.  While the US is on Fahrenheit, the rest of the world uses Celsius.  When my family had foreign exchange students come from Brazil last year, we had to constantly make approximate conversions when we wanted to talk about the weather.  Same situation applied to weights and measures.

Based on information from Converter’s Amazon page, this app includes 76 conversions within these 11 categories:

– Angle
– Area
– Energy
– Length/Distance
– Power
– Pressure
– Speed
– Temperature
– Time
– Volume
– Weight

Converter includes keyboard shortcuts that make conversions easy to do on the fly.  If you’re an avid reader (or gamer) like me, you probably have your Kindle with you all the time.  Quite a handy tool, I’d say.

Since Converter is relatively new, released last week, there aren’t that many reviews yet.  But the gist of it is, you get a great deal for the bargain.  It is very helpful for the average users, but might be a bit too simple for physicists.  Maybe they’ll add more complex conversion apps in the future.

I’ve been impressed with the types of apps that have been developed for the Kindle platform.  In addition to the fun games, there are also apps that can be really useful for everyday tasks.

FB2 to PDF Conversion

I was recently looking around for an easy way to open FB2 eBooks on one of my Kindle. I’ve tried some FB2 to Mobipocket converter in the past and it failed miserably so I gave up on the idea for a while. Recently I gave it another try. This time around I’ve tried to convert FB2 files to PDF. I’ve stumbled upon a marvelous web-service – – it does what it’s name implies. You upload FB2 file and download PDF. The service can even save you a roundtrip and download FB2 files directly from websites like When converting you can specify target device: Kindle 2, DX, Sony, etc so the resulting PDF is optimized for a particular screen size. I couldn’t me happier!

Learn how to open PDF file.

ePub and PDF support

To view ePub of PDF files on your Amazon Kindle normally you would need to use Amazon email conversion service (either free of $0.10 per document) or you could convert documents on your PC using Mobipocket Creator. Well, not anymore…

Jesse from “Massively Parallel Procrastination” blog has created a Savory hack that adds almost native support for these formats to your Amazon Kindle. Installing this hack does two things:

  1. It becomes possible to download PDF and ePub files from Kindle browser (normally all unsupported file-types are blocked)
  2. One PDF or ePub file is dropped into /documents folder background conversion process is started automatically and after some time a converted document appears in it’s place.

I installed and tested it and it took just under 2 minutes to convert project Gutenberg version of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. There were some formatting flaws but overall book converted well.

This hack is fully reversible. There is an uninstaller provided. However it should be noted that because of the way uninstaller currently works, if you have other hacks installed (like unicode hack or screensaver hack) it can potentially partially revert these as well if they were installed after Savory. So for now it’s safer to uninstall in the reverse order of how you installed hacks.

As with all other Kindle hacks it should be used with care because although tested by many people (myself included) it can potentially brick your device. Also having this hack installed will prevent official Amazon updates from installing so you’ll need to uninstall it and the install Amazon update manually.

This makes Kindle even more PC-independent than it was to begin with. And this is good. Personally I believe that PC-independent gadgets are the way of the future. Just look at how successful iPhone is (I only need to tether mine to upload new audiobooks and flash new firmware). This is because most people don’t wan’t anymore just to use computers for the sake of using computers but to get done things they need done in their everyday lives and the simpler – the better.


Learn how to open PDF file.