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May 2018
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The Future of Reading (A Play in Six Acts)

A wonderful post by Diveintomark.org… here is a tease, you can read the rest of the post on his site.

Act I: The act of buying

When someone buys a book, they are also buying the right to resell that book, to loan it out, or to even give it away if they want. Everyone understands this.

Jeff Bezos, Open letter to Author’s Guild, 2002

You may not sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, sublicense or otherwise assign any rights to the Digital Content or any portion of it to any third party, and you may not remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Digital Content. In addition, you may not, and you will not encourage, assist or authorize any other person to, bypass, modify, defeat or circumvent security features that protect the Digital Content.

Amazon, Kindle Terms of Service, 2007

The main reason I linked to this post is because not only is it a brilliant post, but there is a lively discussion going on in the comments at the bottom of the page, 250 comments strong! So head on over and join the discussion!

Source : The Future of Reading (A Play in Six Acts)